The Complete Guide to Life Coaching Tools, Forms and Exercises (with Examples)

Coach at desk with Life Coaching Tools and Forms

Building a coaching business is challenging, life coaching tools can help!

Most coaches struggle to grow their coaching practices—at least in the beginning. Professional life coaching tools, forms and exercises can help. They save time, boost our confidence, make great handouts and homework—and help us offer concrete value to our clients and prospects up front.

What Are Life Coaching Tools?

Coaching Tools Toolbox

Commonly, Life Coaching Tools are forms, worksheets or exercises given to the client to help them move forwards, learn something new or take action. Each coaching tool covers a particular topic, that when matched to a client's individual situation, deepens their understanding of themselves, helping them see things differently, learn and make change in their lives.

In the broader coaching context a life coaching tool could be anything from a coaching question, journaling prompt, metaphor or story to a multi-step personality assessment with pages of questions to be answered, interviews and a 100 page report.

But importantly, Coaching Tools are always a supplement to the coaching relationship and conversation. They provide extra opportunities for our clients to reflect, solidify their learnings and move forwards. And they can also share information, offer inspiration and provoke new ideas.

In short, Coaching Tools enhance the experience for your client and help your client get results more easily or faster!

And you can use coaching exercises in a lot of ways - in one-on-one coaching sessions, as handouts or to guide your workshops, in webinars, groups or as homework.

So Life Coaching Exercises are a powerful tool in your toolbox! You work your coaching magic - and draw on various coaching tools and worksheets as appropriate to boost your clients' learning and growth.

Here are 12 Broad Types of Coaching Tools & Resources

  1. A Coaching Exercise or Workbook around a Specific Topic
  2. Coaching Questions
  3. Quizzes
  4. Journaling Prompts (questions, lists, dialoguing and more)
  5. Metaphors or Stories (whether client or coach generated)
  6. Personality and Psychological Assessments
  7. Coaching Books or eBooks
  8. Physical Card Decks e.g. Letting Go Cards or Spirit Cards. [Find a great selection at The Coaching Toys Store]
  9. Coaching Games
  10. Mindfulness and Meditation
  11. Inspirational Quotes
  12. An Activity (intended to teach the client something or help learn a new skill)
Example of cards as Life Coaching Tools
Example of Cards as a Coaching Tool

Coach using life coaching tools examples at their Desk

12 Different Types of Life Coaching Tools and Exercises (with Examples):

The best way to explain coaching tools and exercises is to give you some practical coaching tools examples. Below we outline the key types of career and life coaching tools, and then offer some specific examples for you to explore.

Here are 12 Different Types of Life Coaching Tools and Exercises

    1. Powerful Discovery Questions
    2. An Inquiry or Journaling Prompt
    3. A Sequence of Questions (that walk your clients through a learning process)
    4. Powerful Lists!
    5. A Visual or Get Your Clients Drawing!
    6. A Reframe
    7. Stories and Metaphor
    8. A Helpful Model, Concept or Technique
    9. Seeing the Truth / Recording the Facts
    10. Informational Handouts/eBooks
    11. The Coaching Quiz
    12. Coaching Activities

One-on-one coaching conversations are just one option available to you. Coaching forms, worksheets and exercises are another tool in your toolbox - and another opportunity to help your client learn and grow. Emma-Louise Elsey 

1. Powerful Discovery Questions

A life coaching tool can be created around powerful discovery questions that brainstorm or explore possibilities for the client. These deep and open-ended questions help clients explore themselves/particular topics. The goal is to maximise the amount of information and self-learning.

Powerful discovery question coaching tool examples:

Pondering Questions Coaching Tool Page 1
Click to see this life coaching tool

2. An Inquiry or Journaling Prompt

Journaling prompts and coaching inquiries make great exercises for motivation, goal-setting, decision-making and self-discovery. In particular, journaling is great to deeply explore a client's vision and values. You can also use journaling to help a client get super-motivated—aligning their lives with what matters most to them.

Inquiry and journaling life coaching tools examples:

  • Offer your client The Rocking Chair Exercise, to help them envision what they want the rest of their life to be about.
  • The "Retirement or Big Birthday Party" or "Newspaper Article Exercise" to help a client hone in on what matters most, and what success looks like or means for them.
  • An inquiry to "Describe your ideal day" or an inquiry that asks, "What advice would I give my younger self?"

Learn more about journaling at the International Association of Journal Writing.

Life Vision Coaching Exercises Page 1
Click to see these life coaching tools

3. A Sequence of Questions that Walk your Clients through a Learning Process

This type of life coaching exercise helps your clients take action in a particular area of their life. It offers a series of questions and answers that flow from one to the next to build the learning. And it usually ends with actions to be taken. Both coach and client are rewarded when client's responses are explored more deeply in a following coaching session. These also tools make great homework!

Examples of these kinds of life coaching exercises:

Success Habits Coaching Exercise
Click to see this life coaching exercise

4. Powerful Lists!

Never underestimate the power of list-making to give your clients important insights! These coaching tools examples ask clients to make a list, and sometimes review and explore each item on the list for a deeper result. Powerful lists can be used in every area of coaching!

Powerful list coaching tool examples:

  • My Favourite Powerful List to give clients is What Makes My Heart Sing? Help clients find more happiness - where they are right now.
  • What are you Tolerating? (Free) Do you know what you’re tolerating in your life? When we see a list written down, we have a better understanding of how draining it can be.
  • Detox Your Relationships Understand who drains you and who inspires you with this list and scoring system. Helps clients spend more time with people who really support them.
What Makes My Heart Sing Coaching Form - Page 1
Click to see this life coaching exercise

5. A Visual or Get Your Clients Drawing!

Using visual life coaching tools is a powerful way to help our clients make sense of things. Images access a different part of our brain and can inspire us, help us see patterns, create new links, think about things in a creative new way or angle.

Examples of visual life coaching exercises:

  • Possibly the most powerful example of a visual life coaching tool is the Wheel of Life Template (Free).
  • The Life Map is a fabulous coaching exercise for new clients—helping them and you visually appreciate the key high and lowlights of their life.
  • There are many other ideas here including asking clients to draw themselves and discussing that, or asking a client to Draw Their Gremlin or Inner Critic and coaching them around it.
Free Wheel of Life Template!
Click to see the Wheel of Life Template

6. A Reframe

A powerful way to 'shake-up' a client’s limiting beliefs and patterns is to offer them (or ask them to come up with) a reframe. This is where your client gets to view a problem or situation in a new, unexpected way. Reframes can be turned into powerful life coaching tools and exercises that shake people out of habitual and often limiting ways of thinking.

Coaching tools examples that reframe:

  • Coaching questions are the easiest way to reframe. A common reframe is to turn what is currently viewed as a "problem" into an "opportunity". You could ask, "Where could this problem become an opportunity—or even the solution?".
  • Love Your Weaknesses. In this tool, the client is asked, "How do your weaknesses serve you?". This helps them see their so-called weaknesses in a new, more positive light.
  • The Not To Do List turns the idea of a To Do list on its head, helping people achieve success by identifying what NOT to do…
Weaknesses Coaching Reframe Exercise
Click to see this life coaching tool

Get Free Life Coaching Tools Image

7. A Story or Metaphor

Stories and metaphors are powerful transformational tools—offering learning in an easy to digest format. In particular for common life challenges, a story or metaphor helps a client feel less alone, may give them ideas to problem solve with or see an issue in a new light.

Examples of these life coaching exercises:

  • The Build a Bridge Exercise! This uses the idea that we don't need to see the other side to take the next step to get clients moving on something they feel stuck on.
  • What Do I Need to Let Go Of? There is a buddhist teaching story about how we hold onto things, and how it clouds our mind unnecessarily. This prompts clients to make a list of things they could similarly let go of.
  • The Big Rocks, Little Rocks Exercise This powerful metaphor helps people understand that they need to work on their priorities first, or they will fill their lives with minutiae.
Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise
Click to see this life coaching exercise

8. A Helpful Model, Concept or Technique

There are so many helpful models and concepts out there that offer new ideas, techniques or learning to help people get more done, manage their time better and be happier! Often these come with acronyms, or helpful names.

Models, concepts or techniques as life coaching tools:

  • A common and extremely helpful example which I have shared with many of my clients is The Urgent-Important Matrix. This coaching form helps clients realise that if they focus on the important things, it reduces the number of things that become urgent - and disruptive in our lives
  • SMART Goals are extremely popular and help people create more powerful, motivating goals.
  • The Spheres of Influence  I love this concept which encourages people to focus on what they can control, and let go of things they can't...
Urgent Important Matrix Template Page 1
Click to see this life coaching tool

9. Seeing the Truth (Recording the Facts)

Often people need to see proof of an issue before they will change. So another type of coaching tool is more of a life coaching form that enables the client to record the facts of their world or life.

This type of life coaching form could take the shape of recording your spending or where you spend your time and then reviewing that for patterns and themes we can learn from.

Examples of life coaching forms:

  • One of the life coaching forms I often use with busy clients is Expose My Hidden Time Wasters. This records the time spent in different areas of our life. Similar to the latte factor, it's powerful! Clients get to see—wow I spent 10 hours on social media this week, but only 3 hours of quality time with my partner...
  • Interruptions Blaster Workbook This life coaching form and workbook aims to reduce and manage interruptions so we can be more efficient! In particular, a key piece is to record and observe our interruptions so we can do something differently in future.
  • Other examples could include recording spending, sleep, sugar/calorie/alcohol consumption etc.
Track Time Recording Coaching Template
Click to see this life coaching form

10. Informational Handouts/eBooks

Sometimes life coaching tools can take the shape of a list to refer to, some reading or other reference material around a specific topic. These could be Handouts, Special Reports or Ebooks with useful information to help your clients learn and grow!

Coaching tools examples (informational handouts/eBooks):

  • The Cognitive Distortions List (Free) This one sider life coaching tool outlines the 10 key ways we distort our experience and beliefs with our thinking. It can be a powerful wake-up call for clients - and coaches!
  • Values Example List (Free) Sometimes clients get stuck trying to think of "value" words. This is not a "pick list" for clients, instead it supports the coach and client as they go through the values identification process.
  • 549 Powerful Coaching Questions! This eBook has 549 coaching questions organized into coaching areas for inspiration and ideas! It's still our most popular freebie—and you can get yours by signing up for our newsletter!
Cognitive Distortions List for Coaching
Click to see this life coaching tool

11. The Coaching Quiz

We've all seen and completed quizzes in magazines and books. A coaching quiz can be great to give clients a quick overview of where they are. Yes, we need to be careful not to "tell" people who or what they are. Instead the quiz results are simply a way to raise awareness and start a conversation about a particular topic.

Coaching tools examples (coaching quizzes):

  • A good example of this is the Motivation Quiz. This life coaching quiz helps clients understand if they are ready to "do anything" to achieve a goal or whether they're only willing to do a little. It includes some helpful tips about how your coach can help you, and the advantages and disadvantages of each motivation level.
  • The handy Self-Care Quiz coaching quiz raises our clients' self-awareness around their self-care. Because sometimes it's the obvious that escapes us! Great for life balance coaching.
  • Life Satisfaction Quiz (Free)  This quiz asks clients to rate their satisfaction with different areas of their lives. Then they identify how they would like coaching to help them. This is a great life coaching tool to give prospects or clients when they start out with you.
Motivation Quiz Page 1
Click to see this life coaching tool & quiz!

12. Coaching Activities

This kind of life coaching tool is more of a get out there and do it tool—and may have a physically active component. Many of these activities are good for groups and workshops, or can be done without paper if needed.

Examples of life coaching exercises as activities:

Free Workshop Icebreaker Form Page 1
Click to see this life coaching exercises

Also, administrative tools and life coaching forms can help you manage your clients

Life coaching forms can also be administrative and help you manage your client engagement professionally from being a prospect through to a client wrap-up.

Examples of administrative life coaching forms:

We have many administrative forms and tools in our all-time biggest selling product—the Coaching Welcome Packet. This includes a coaching agreement (coaching contract, client agreement, client contact details etc). Other examples include:

  • Coaching Goals Worksheet Essential to every client engagement—know what your client wants to get out of coaching with you! Refer back to this often.
  • Coaching Contract or Agreement It's helpful to have an actual coaching agreement or contract for your client to sign.
  • Intake Session Template Checklist (Free) Emma-Louise still uses this checklist with her clients in the first session. It includes reminders to set up the next session, take payment and discuss how to reschedule sessions.
  • Wrap-up Session Questions (Free) This is the form Emma-Louise developed and still uses to help clients understand how they have grown during their coaching engagement.
Smiling Coach with Life Coaching Exercise at Desk
Examples of our Life Coaching Tools

So, what do we mean by life coaching tools and exercises?

At The Coaching Tools Company we specialize in practical, actionable coaching resources for coaches. So when we talk about life coaching tools, we mean tangible documents—life coaching exercises, worksheets, templates and activities—printable tools that get clients away from technology and distractions.

Our tools can also be life coaching forms, eBooks, user guides and social media quote graphics & infographics.

A good coaching tool has a particular goal or purpose in mind, and the more specific the coaching exercise, the better. Emma-Louise Elsey
[source: choice Magazine Article]

Coach with Client using Life Coaching Tools

Who Uses Life Coaching Tools?

Life Coaching Tools and Exercises are used by a wide variety of mental health professionals including counsellors, therapists and coaches of every kind. Just some of the types of coaches that use Coaching Tools include life coaches, executive and leadership coaches, career, health and wellness, retirement, parent, teen, small business coaches and more.

You may be surprised to know that in addition to coaches, professionals from a wide variety of other industries also use career and life coaching tools.

Some of the types of professionals who use career and life coaching tools include

  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Wellness Professionals like Personal Trainers and Nutritionists
  • Educators
  • Pastors
  • Mentors
  • Financial and Mortgage Advisors
  • Organizational Consultants and Trainers
  • Corporate Coaching Programs
  • Volunteer Organizations

Coach and Client using Life Coaching Tools with Thumbs up

Why Use Life Coaching Tools and Exercises?

Running a coaching business is challenging, coaching tools can help!

Coaching as a vocation is both rewarding and challenging. We get to do work which is meaningful and help people grow, but the vast majority of us must also learn to run our own business. And running your own coaching business is extremely hard work. There is so much to do, to learn, and there never seems to be enough time.

Done-for-you coaching tools save you time, energy and effort.

Help clients and prospects see the value of coaching right away!

When you use tools in coaching they concretize the coaching experience, helping potential clients see the value of coaching right away. Tangible forms and resources offer something the client can literally 'grab hold' of.

When I started out as a coach I sent every new client, in the 'snail mail', a Welcome Packet - with a welcome letter, code of ethics, Wheel of Life, business card and usually one other life coaching exercise that I thought they would enjoy or find useful.

This created value right away, built trust - and proved to the client the wisdom of their decision to work with me.

Coach holding sign that says The Benefits of Life Coaching Tools

When I first began to create Career and Life Coaching Tools for my clients, it was to boost my confidence and save time. I didn't want to 'reinvent the wheel' with every new client. And then I found there were many extra benefits I didn't expect.

Here are 8 Benefits of using Coaching Tools and Exercises:

  1. Provide instant, concrete value to both your clients and prospects.
  2. Appear established, professional and organized.
  3. Help clients tackle specific issues and get unstuck.
  4. Keep your coaching fun, fresh and interesting for clients.
  5. Offer great homework and keep clients engaged between sessions.
  6. Use them as exercises and handouts for workshops, groups and webinars.
  7. Inspire clients and boost their creativity and brainstorming potential.
  8. And many clients just love completing coaching tools!

Life Coaching Tools, Forms and Exercises help people discover and learn about themselves. This self-connection and understanding motivates people—and helps them commit to taking action.

Here's a Life Coaching Tools Testimonial from one of my clients:


"Her tools are simple, easy to use, and highly effective. What I like most about her coaching and her tools, is that I always walk away with an 'action plan' I can implement right away, from which I start seeing results almost immediately. Even though I consider myself already 'happy' with my life, working with Emma-Louise inspires me to reach an even greater level of happiness and not settle for anything; she uncovers barriers and desires I didn't even realize I had. By inspiring the child-like creativity and dreams inside each of us, her methods helped me break free of the 'daily-grind' and instead enjoy this 'adventure called life' as much as I possibly can!"

- Rishel Tomlinson, Former Client, Mortgage Broker & Owner of Custom Mortgages

How & When to Use Life Coaching Tools?

There are so many ways to use Life Coaching Tools and Exercises. You can use them throughout the coaching life-cycle from your first prospect meeting right through to wrapping up a client engagement.

Just as a plumber has different tools to do different jobs, each coaching exercise has its own specific purpose - uniquely suited to the job at hand. Each life coaching exercise will be used at different times and matched to the individual client's situation.

Coach using Life Coaching Exercises and Tools in a Workshop

Here are 10 Different Ways to Use Life Coaching Tools and Exercises:

  1. In your Welcome Pack. Give clients something concrete that provides value right away and justifies the investment they've made in coaching with you!
  2. In a session with a client to inspire, inform or help solve a problem (or when you're stuck!)
  3. As homework. Delve deeper into something that came up in a coaching session, work on self-discovery (like values) AND keep them in a coaching frame of mind between sessions.
  4. As worksheets in workshops and teleseminars.
  5. With prospects or in sample sessions. A great way to give people a tangible taste of coaching - and something they can keep or take home with them!
  6. To demonstrate progress and value. Some tools check-in (using a rating system) with how people are feeling about themselves, their goals or their life. So, you can come back later and ask them to rate themselves again to demonstrate progress and the value of coaching. (Here's how to do this with the Wheel of Life and Coaching Goals Sheet).
  7. As back of room giveaways at networking events, conferences and your own workshops
  8. To save you time and energy on repeatable tasks (and make sure you don't forget anything!). This could be anything from admin forms to your client intake/wrap-up sessions.
  9. To lighten up a serious topic or challenging session.
  10. AND of course you can use life coaching tools to develop yourself - in fact I recommend it!

For even more ideas on how to incorporate life coaching tools into your sessions:

12 Ways to Use Coaching Exercises and Tools INFOGRAPHIC

Coach at desk with PC and Administrative Life Coaching Tools


Life Coaching Tools take many forms including exercises, worksheets, templates, activities, materials and resources that you use with your clients. They help clients move forward and achieve their dreams and goals - and can also be administrative tools used to manage the coaching relationship professionally.

Coaching Tools boost a newer coach's confidence, concretizing coaching for our clients from the outset. And for more experienced coaches, Life Coaching Tools and Worksheets can bring a wealth of fresh inspiration to an existing coaching practice.

Coaching tools and forms are used industry-wide, and many clients enjoy completing them - so it's a great way to keep clients engaged. And there are many, many different ways to use coaching tools including one-on-one, in groups, workshops, webinars, conferences and as homework assignments.

And remember that, when branded with your contact details, they also make great marketing materials.

Coaching Tools are power tools for your coaching toolbox, helping your clients and business grow - faster.

As a business coach with over 20 years experience, I must tell you these exercises and user guides are absolutely incredible.  I am very impressed. They are very creative and artistically well done.  I can tweak them just the way I like.

I absolutely love it! Keep up the great work. You are helping us to keep enlightening the world by doing the work we love.

- Tom Borg, CPBA, CPDFA, MA - President Tom Borg Consulting, LLC

Learn More About What We Do

What makes our coaching tools special?

We offer a wide range of Professional *Brandable* Coaching Tools and Exercises to help coaches build a thriving practice full of engaged clients.

Our Career and Life Coaching Tools and Exercises are here to help you. Don't spend days creating forms and exercises when we've already done the work for you! It took me years to develop, test and accumulate all these Coaching Tools; you get to receive all the benefits without the months of work!

Pssst! Clients love our coaching forms too. They love completing them, and they love delving deeper with you, their coach. It's why we keep creating more...

But don't believe me - check out our testimonials here.

Our Most Popular Life Coaching Tools & Products

With such a large selection of tools in our catalogue it's difficult to choose a favourite. However, we can tell you what people buy the most.

You can also learn which are some of Emma-Louise's favourite tools in the 9 Coaching Exercises and Templates I Would Not Be Without.

The Top 5 Most Popular Coaching Forms, Tools & Products

  1. Our FREE Wheel of Life Tool available in English and Spanish is by far our most popular life coaching tool! Powerful, simple and versatile.
  2. Our Coaching Agreement Sample Template is the most purchased individual tool.
  3. The Coaching Welcome Packet - everything you need to get started with a new client - is the most popular purchased coaching toolkit (see image).
  4. Followed closely by our Coaching Tools MEGAPack! - All our career and life coaching tools in one package.
  5. And at number 3, our Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program - a complete 3 month coaching program package - includes 13 done-for-you tools, user guides and marketing materials.
Life Coaching Welcome Packet with Coaching Templates & Forms in a Folder
Coaching Welcome Packet
Inside a Coach's Heart Graphics for Coaches Product

Other popular coaching tools include:

Finally, our most popular Social Media Graphics product is "Inside a Coach's Heart".

"The Coaching Tools Company is a 'go to' resource for me. From the FREE business admin forms to the goal-setting, vision, and getting unstuck resources, this site is a treasure trove. When I'm working with a client and want to give them a specific homework exercise, the first thing I do is to check out The Coaching Tools Company to see if it already exists. And when a certain topic or issue comes up with a client, it's easy to search for resources and tools for that specific issue. The format of these tools makes them easy to brand with my logo and very user-friendly for my clients."

Ildiko Oravecz - High Performance Consulting

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Did we miss something? Is there a question about Coaching Tools you'd like answered? Simply comment below!

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Emma-Louise Elsey has been coaching since 2003 and is the Founder of The Coaching Tools Company and Fierce She's passionate about coaching and personal development. Originally a project and relationship manager for Fortune 500 companies she combined her love of coaching, creativity and systems to create over 100 brandable coaching tools, forms and exercises including 30+ completely free coaching tools. She now serves coaches and the coaching world through her exclusive newsletter for coaches, Coaches Helping Coaches Facebook Group and many other great tools, resources and ideas for your coaching toolbox. The Coaching Tools Company is an official ICF Business Solutions Partner.

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