1. LEGAL Stuff: What are the Licensing Terms? Can I brand them?
  3. Why do payments show up as Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd.?
  4. How do I know my payment is Secure?
  5. I've Paid, HOW DO I GET MY TOOLS?
  6. What FORMAT do the tools come in?
  7. The formatting seems a bit wonky across the page...
  8. I'd like to share or reprint one of The Coaching Tools Company ARTICLES
  9. 30 Day MONEYBACK Guarantee/Refund Policy
  10. AFFILIATE Program: Information and Set-up Details.
  11. TESTIMONIALS: What other coaches and clients say about our Coaching Tools and newsletter.

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2. Currency & Payment Methods

  • All our prices are in US Dollars.
  • You can choose whether to pay using your Visa, Mastercard or Amex or your Paypal account if you have one.
  • Paypal is the "back-end" payment processing "engine" - it's a secure, online payment system used by millions of people worldwide.

3. Why do my payments show up in Paypal as Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd.?

  • This one's easy - The Coaching Tools Company.com is a division of Simplicity Life Coaching Ltd.

4. How do I know my payment is secure?


  • Firstly, we went through a strict process to be recognized officially as a "secure" site - as designated by the s after the http:// - so you'll see https:// at the beginning of all our web page addresses together with our verified company information.
  • Secondly, we use a tried and tested professional shopping-cart that specifically caters to e-products.
  • Thirdly, Paypal is our payment engine (whether you pay by credit card or your paypal account). Paypal is an internationally recognized online and payment service that securely manages your payments and personal financial information. Only Paypal ever sees your payment information. Visit the Paypal website if you would like to know more.

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5. I've paid, how do I get my tools?

We currently use WooCommerce, a tried and tested professional shopping-cart that specifically caters to e-products.

  • Once you've paid, you are returned to a page on our website and provided with links to download your products.
    - IMPORTANT: For our Toolkits, Programs and Megapack you will need to copy or Extract the files from the .ZIP folder onto your computer.
    - CAN'T FIND YOUR FILES? If you click a download link and can't find your files, check the "Downloads" directory on your computer.
  • As a back-up, you will ALSO be emailed an order confirmation that contains links to your products (this goes to the email address you entered at Checkout).

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6. What format do the Tools come in?

  • Each Product tells you what format it is in under the Product Details tab on the Product page.
  • Most of the Coaching Tools are supplied in Microsoft Word .docx format - so that everyone can easily customise and add their branding details etc. Some products are .pdf and a few are .jpg format.
  • Each tool works in both the Letter and A4 paper size.

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7. The formatting seems a bit wonky across the page?

  • If you are outside of North America and the line formatting is untidy you may need to manually change the paper-size to A4.
  • This should happen automatically but if not:
    - Go to "Page Set-up", click the "Paper" tab and under "Paper Size" change to "A4".
    - Check that it says "Apply to: Whole document" and not just selected sections.

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8. I'd like to share or reprint one of The Coaching Tools Company articles

Firstly, if the article is by a Guest Author, please contact the Guest Author in question using the contact information found in the contributing author details at the end of the article.

If the article does not have a Guest Author and does not say otherwise, then it is by Emma-Louise Elsey. Articles may be shared and reprinted providing that 1) the article is unedited and kept intact and 2) You use one of the following attribution statements below:

  • Article by Emma-Louise Elsey, professional life coach and founder of The Coaching Tools Company.com. Reprinted with permission from "The Launchpad" newsletter and blog - for people who love coaching. Get more helpful articles for coaches, coaching tips, free resources and more. Visit The Coaching Tools Company [link to original article OR https://www.thecoachingtoolscompany.com] to learn more.

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