Self-Discovery Toolkit
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Self-Discovery Toolkit Daily Gratitude Diary Template Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise Intuition and Dream Symbol Exercise Personal Values Identification Workbook Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise Troll Travels - Who am I - Self Discovery Exercise What Makes My Heart Sing Exercise self-discovery-toolkit-user-guide-cover

Self-Discovery Toolkit

The self-discovery tools in this value pack help your clients explore, connect to their authentic selves – and align their lives with who they really are!

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Gratitude Diary Self-Discovery Template
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1. Daily Gratitude Diary Template

Use this daily gratitude diary template as a powerful self-discovery tool.

  • Step-by-step framework for a daily 'gratitude review'
  • Help your clients ask deeper questions and learn how mindset affects their experience of life
  • Ideal for clients who want to journal or who want to get started!
Gremlin Coaching Exercise Page 2
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2. Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise

Help your clients break free of limiting beliefs and self-judgements with this gremlin coaching exercise!

  • Bring a fresh awareness to how clients may be sabotaging themselves
  • Creative exercise provides insight into negative thought patterns
  • A great life coaching exercise to help let go of gremlins or inner critics
Intuition Building Coaching Exercise Page 1
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3. Intuition and Dream Symbol Exercise!

A powerful way for clients to access their intuition, inner wisdom and reconnect with their hearts.

  • Helps clients connect more deeply with themselves
  • Explore images from dreams or symbols with meaning for your clients
  • Includes 5 minute relaxing visualization script for you to read out
Values Identification Workbook Page
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4. Personal Values Identification Workbook

Help your clients be authentic, fulfilled, and happy!

  • Delivers your clients' top 10 prioritised personal values
  • Understand what drives and motivates your clients
  • Make values-driven life changes and decisions
  • Choose goals, roles, activities and people that align with their values
  • Helps your client live an authentic and fulfilled life
  • A comprehensive 5 pages of step-by-step activities
Confidence Boosting Coaching Exercise
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5. Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise

Boost your client's confidence with this inspirational life coaching exercise.

  • Great confidence builder
  • Identify qualities your client respects and admires
  • Realise these qualities are already inside them
  • Choose one action to move forwards with
Self-Discovery Exercise using Troll Page 1
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6. Troll Travels - Who am I - Self-Discovery Exercise

Invite surprising insights and 'Aha' moments with this fun exercise. One of our absolute favourite self-discovery coaching tools!

  • Help your clients get really authentic with themselves
  • What makes your client who they are?
  • Which qualities do your clients value MOST about themselves?
  • Great confidence / self-esteem booster
  • Try it on yourself to get vital insights!
What Makes My Heart Sing Coaching Exercise
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7. What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise

Possibly our favourite coaching exercise! Help your clients realize that joy is on their doorstep - and often costs nothing...

  • Help your clients find more happiness - where they are
  • Create a more joyous and genuine self-connection
  • A deceptively powerful coaching exercise to get people closer to their true needs
  • Powerful homework and as a group exercise in seminars and workshops

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Self Discovery Toolkit User Guide Image

1. Self-Discovery Toolkit - USER GUIDE.pdf

Love your Self-Discovery Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

  • Use your Self-Discovery Toolkit with confidence!
  • Detailed 'how to' for each of the coaching tools, forms, exercises and worksheets in this toolkit
  • Includes a program outline you could follow
  • Shares purpose of tool, how & when to use plus great tips
  • Plus great follow-on reading and tools!
  • Boost client self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Bring clarity and depth to your clients' choices, actions and goal-setting
  • Support clients as they align their lives with their priorities
  • Help clients express who they are in the world!
  • Ideal for life-coaches and spiritual coaches
  • Great homework, workshop and group coaching exercises

Ideal for life-coaches, spiritual coaches or any coach who wants to boost confidence, these self-discovery tools help their clients connect to themselves and/or be more authentic

Help your clients explore and get to know themselves with these Self-Discovery Tools:

  • Brainstorm and Prioritize their Top 10 Values!
  • Start a Gratitude Journal
  • Learn "What Makes Their Heart Sing!"
  • Gain Confidence by building qualities within themselves that they admire in others
  • Explore their inner Gremlin
  • Learn what they value MOST about themselves!
  • Connect with their intuition
  • Includes Step-by-Step Toolkit User Guide - how, when and in what order to use the tools, plus tips and recommendations and a program outline.

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