*UPDATED* The Top 15 Coaching Books to Make You a Better Coach!

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Do you love reading? In this article, I share the best 15 Coaching Books about coaching and to grow your coaching skills. These books will make you a better coach!

In this updated version, I've included 5 more awesome coaching books, many of them repeatedly recommended by you! There's a broad range of books—with hopefully the most up-to-date editions of each book in question. I hope this inspires you to boost your skills, learn new coaching models and skills and grow your understanding of coaching!

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It's interesting to note that (especially lately), most books about coaching seem to be written with an eye to either coaching leaders, or helping leaders learn coaching skills!

The idea of course is that coaching can also be a management or leadership style—and this helps organizations get the most out of their people. As coaches, we all know this to be true, and it's great that organizations are finally catching on. But this does mean it can be hard to find good books written for coaches.

Even Co-Active Coaching has, in its last 2 editions, gone over to a leadership focus. But there is a glimmer of light.

Marion Franklin's book, The Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching is for coaches specifically. Dr Marcia Reynold's book Coach the Person, Not the Problem is for coaches (and also contains sage advice for leaders who are coaching their staff). And Curly Martin's Life Coaching Handbook, is unusually, specifically for life coaches—even though it is a little dated.

Thomas Leonard's book, The Portable Coach is probably more of a personal development book aimed at the general public. Not so much about coaching, it's about the beliefs, habits and outlook that underlie coaching. It challenges you and makes you think—and I love it.

So, a nice broad selection of coaching books for you to choose from. I really hope you enjoy this article—with coaching books from the the early days, right through to books published in 2023.

Top 15 Best Coaching Books

1) Co-Active Coaching (Fourth Edition)

The proven framework for transformative conversations at work and in life

by Karen Kimsey-House, Henry Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandhal, Laura Whitworth

This coaching book is a fabulous overview of coaching, key skills, with ideas, inspiration, exercises and more.

Called, "The bible of coaching guides" by Stephen R. Covey, this is a book about the true dance of coaching. It includes tips, ideas, advice and suggestions—wrapped in a coach-like writing style that both soothes and inspires. It contains exercises, practices, examples and concrete advice - and is easy to read.

Co-Active Coaching Book 2nd Edition

2nd Edition

The Co-Active Coaching model highlighted here is a powerful communication process that anyone can use to build strong(er) relationships.

NOTE: The two latest editions of this book have been "extensively revised" to look at coaching and leadership (a hot topic at present). So if you're a life coach, you may want to consider getting the second edition.

Particularly good for: people considering coaching, new coaches and for non-CTI trained coaches looking for a coaching framework.

2) Coaching for Performance (fifth edition)

The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership

by Sir John Whitmore

Updated in 2017 (25th anniversary edition), this is an excellent book that summarises the art of coaching in an organizational context. I still regularly return to it as a reference for Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs—and it has a great introduction to the GROW Model.

The goal of the book is to explore how to use coaching to maximise people's potential and performance. It delves into what coaching is, why it works and where it came from. And it gives ideas for how coaching can help with motivation, finding a sense of purpose as well as getting things done

Later editions of the book explore emotional intelligence and high performance leadership.

It's clearly laid out with short powerful chapters, easy to read, and I believe it should be one of the first three books every coach reads.

Particularly good for: New Coaches, Coaches new to Executive or Leadership Coaching, Managers, Leaders and as a reference for all coaches (Coaching basics, Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, the GROW Model and more).

3) The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching

A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching

by Marion Franklin

This is possibly the book to help you become a better and more effective coach!

Jam-packed with concepts, this is a book you'll want to read with a pen and notebook alongside. Jot down the thoughts and ideas you have for your current clients—and more!

There are lots of great examples to illustrate the difference the Laser Coaching method can make to 1) what the coach focuses on and 2) the outcomes that can be achieved as a result. And I loved that we are asked questions throughout the book to help us reflect on what we've learned.

As someone who has been coaching for a number of years, I loved the concepts shared. I agreed with many, AND I have also been given some fresh, extremely practical ideas to try!

Particularly good for: I thoroughly recommend this book to all levels of coaches, but especially those coaches who have been practicing for a while, or may feel they've got stuck in a rut!

4) The Portable Coach

28 Surefire Strategies for Business and Personal Success

by Thomas J. Leonard

I couldn't not include this fun and inspirational book by one of the forefathers of coaching, and the founder of Coach University.

This fun book has lots of ideas and things to do with your clients—and it's great for coaches personally too.

The book is broken up into 28 easy-to-read chapters—each based on one principle. Each principle has 10 ways to implement each chapter concept. Plus quotes, distinctions to draw and "How to know you're making progress with this principle" in every chapter. Which also makes this a great book to just pick up and read a page at random for inspiration at any time!

If you're a fan of positive thinking, if you believe that beliefs drive who we are and how we live our lives, and if you like to find a better way—this book's for you.

PS. And if you need a crash course in copywriting just read his chapter headings!

Particularly good for: All kinds of Coaches and their Clients.

5) The Discomfort Zone

How Leaders turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs

by Dr Marcia Reynolds

In this book, Marcia shares examples, tips and techniques to take coaches beyond transactional, purely results-focused coaching to breakthrough coaching.

All we need to be masterful coaches is full-body presence and courage. So Marcia encourages us to listen with our full bodies—from our head, heart AND gut.

With tips to help clients see through long-standing blind spots, how to summarise our own courage and allow our clients to be uncomfortable. Because this is where the transformation happens...

NOTE: This book is not intended as a model for every coaching conversation, instead this is a book to help you help your clients have a shift—a breakthrough—when the timing is right. It is about finding and utilising "Discomfort Zone" opportunities to help our clients grow.

Particularly good for: Executive and Leadership Coaches - and any Coach who wants to up their game in growing their clients!

6) Coach the Person, Not the Problem

A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry

by Dr Marcia Reynolds

All too often Marcia sees coaches "checklist coaching" or trying to find the "perfect coaching question" which takes us away from being present and responsive to our clients.

This book is about helping coaches use reflective inquiry with our clients to be more present - and effective.

A book in 3 parts, Marcia first looks at why coaching is so powerful, and some unhelpful ("crazy"!) coaching beliefs. Then she looks at 5 essential practices including Active Replay, Goaltending and the titular Coach the Person, Not The Problem. Finally Marcia wraps us by sharing 3 important mental habits for us as coaches to embrace.

Full of tips and techniques, examples and more, this is a coaching skills book with lessons and thought-provoking distinctions. The goal is to help all coaches "dance in the moment" for more powerful and transformational coaching.

Particularly good for: All Coaches - and especially those who want practices and habits to coach more effectively.

7) Effective Group Coaching

Tried and Tested Tools and Resources for Optimum Group Coaching Results

by Jennifer J. Britton

Jennifer Britton is a leader in both team and group coaching and more recently virtual coaching and remote-working.

If you're planning on working with groups - in any way (including webinars, workshops, team or group coaching), this book is your bible! And to be honest, if you're a coach, it's pretty likely that you're going to work with a group at some point.

Understand what group coaching is. Learn the different dynamics that occur in groups. Get core skills and best practices, plus a great chapter on how to design your own group program and much more!

This book also has checklists, an appendix of group exercises as well as practical examples, tables and innumerable tips for anyone coaching groups.

The only slight "fault" is that this book is from 2010 - and still references phone coaching and teleseminars, when technology has obviously moved on to video. But the advice still stands whether you're on the phone or video, and the practical, structured help and advice in this book is so invaluable I still recommend this book wholeheartedly.

Particularly good for: ANY coach that wants to learn to coach groups, teams or teach workshops.

8) The Coaching Habit

Say Less, Ask more & Change the Way You Lead Forever

by Michael Bungay Stanier

NOTE: This book is not written for coaches, instead it's written FOR managers and leaders to  move them to a coaching style of managing and leading. However, it's short, fun and easy to read as well as being jam-packed with ideas—and reminders about what it is to be a coach.

"The Coaching Habit" revolves around 7 Powerful Essential Questions that Michael shares, chapter by chapter. At the end of each chapter there is a section on creating a new "habit" based around the question's core purpose. In addition, each question has a follow-on "Masterclass" chapter that takes the reader deeper into the why of each coaching question.

For more information, check out our BOOK REVIEW here >>

Particularly good for: Managers and leaders who want to build a more engaged and resilient team, executive, leadership or workplace coaches, and it's also a great coaching primer. And finally, even if you're an expert coach, you'll be reminded what you love about coaching - and pick up some tips!

9) Effective Coaching (3rd Edition)

Lessons from the Coach's Coach

by Myles Downey

Written by coaching pioneer Myles Downey, this is the first book about coaching I ever read. It's a mini introduction to coaching—sharing where coaching comes from, why it works, what it is, how to manage a session, key coaching skills and much more.

And for a small book, it packs a powerful punch. Enjoy!

There is also another edition focused on business coaching called "Effective Modern Coaching: The Principles and Art of Successful Business Coaching" published in 2015. This is available on Kindle and as a paperback.

Particularly good for: Coaches starting out, Executives and Leaders.

10) The Life Coaching Handbook

Everything You Need To Be An Effective Life Coach

by Curly Martin

While there are lots of books for leadership, executive and business coaches, there aren't many books just for life coaches.

This book covers life coaching basics, with definitions, distinctions and lots of tips and techniques for improving coaching skills. This includes beliefs, language patterns, reframes, metaphors, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) basics, and more.

It has a little on building a coaching business, but it's basic, has UK references and is somewhat out of date. But that's not why you would buy this book.

I recommend this book for life coaches just starting out to get ideas and inspiration. You also get an overview of coaching techniques—and some great coaching questions to play with.

Particularly good for: Life Coaches, New Life Coaches

11) The Coaching Manual (fifth edition)

by Julie Starr

Newly added—by request—as this is the book I most get asked to add to this list of best coaching books!

This updated edition takes you from your first session to the final wrap-up session. Filled with practical tips, tools and techniques, this book will help you build strong belief in yourself as a coach. Plus learn how to ask powerful questions, overcome obstacles and boost your coaching confidence.

Sir John Whitmore (who wrote Coaching for Performance) says: "The most comprehensive book on the practice of coaching that I have come across. If anyone wishes to become a one-to-one coaching and only reads one book about it, this could well be that book."

And Marshall Goldsmith says: "The definitive resource for aspiring as well as seasoned coaches. No one has brought to life the nuts and bolts better than Julie Starr."

Particularly good for: All Coaches

12) The Art of Somatic Coaching

Embodying Skillful Action, Wisdom, and Compassion

by Richard Strozzi-Heckler PhD

Newly added on request. This is the coaching book I want to read next!

Introducing the concept of Somatic Coaching, this book offers practices and advice on how to use the body's experiences and feelings to access deep-seated habits and behaviours for powerful, lasting change.

This is an area I am deeply interested in. In our cultures today we don't pay enough attention to our bodily feelings and intuitions. Yes these powerful signals that let us know what we're really thinking and feeling. And when we pay attention this helps us process, learn and grow. Because when we can't create change at the level of thinking, we need to go deeper—into our bodies.

Particularly good for: All Coaches, Experienced Coaches looking to deepen their knowledge and tool set.

13) The Art of Coaching

A Handbook of Tips and Tools

by Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall

This is another great coaching book added by request.

And if you like coaching models you'll love this book. Strongly grounded in theory, this book combines creative images and diagrams with scenarios to help you understand and put these ideas into practice.

This book is intended to be used as a reference and to get you up to speed fast. And it's also the perfect companion as you look for new ways to build awareness with—and grow your clients.

Particularly good for: Coaching Students, Coach Supervisors, people working in human resource departments.

14) The Coach's Casebook

Mastering The Twelve Traits That Trap Us

by Geoff Watts and Kim Morgan

This is the final coaching book updated by request.

Each chapter is detailed case study of a skilled coach and their relationship with a client. And each chapter covers one of the 12 challenges we all come across in our work. This includes traits like people pleasing, perfectionism, impostor syndrome, performance anxiety and procrastination.

In this book we really see 'inside the coach's mind'. Emotions, thoughts and reflections from coaching supervision are shared as the coach tries to figure out how best to help their client.

If you love case studies, this is the book for you!

Particularly good for: Coaches looking to build their skills, Executive and Leadership Coaches, and Leaders themselves.

15) The Coach's Way

The Art and Practice of Powerful Coaching in Any Field

by Eric Maisel

This book is on my reading list, new out in 2023 and by a wonderful human being: Eric Maisel.

He is a dedicated writer, journaler and master coach with many books under his belt.

And in this book are 13 weeks of short daily lessons that share the nuts and bolts of coaching including how to ask great questions and 'manifest the spirit of coaching'.

Eric explores how important it is to understand yourself so that you can better understand others. And he also shares how to prepare for your coaching sessions and handle common client issues like defensiveness and limited progress.

Each lesson wraps up with exercises and a journal prompt.

Particularly good for: Coaching students, if you're just starting out as a coach, thinking of becoming a coach or simply want to get the most out of being a coaching client!

Finally, what coaching books would you like considered for inclusion?
Add a comment with your suggestion below.

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  1. Joseph D'Souza

    Great list. Thank you! What has helped my perspectives in coaching is awareness of other disciplines or avenues of knowledge that holistically complement the value of coaching. In Philosophy, the words of Socrates may even retrospectively provide great Aha's to coaches. From Ancient Wisdom traditions one gains insight and understanding about human beings and the journey of life. And within that lie so many books to read, people to meet and discuss with!

    • mturcott

      Thank you, Joseph! I absolutely agree - there's so much ancient wisdom available to help us today! Glad you liked this list of the top 10 Coaching books! Warmly, Mary

  2. Barbara

    Effective Group Coaching by Jennifer Britton is the best first Group Coaching book that everyone should read! It is so practical and is chock full of resources. I had read three previous group coaching books before I laid my hands on this and have read other books since ... none compare!

  3. Sharla Taylor

    Thank you, Emma-Louise for the list of top coaching books. My favorite from this list is Co-Active Coaching. However, Jennifer's book on Effective Group Coaching is on my list of books I want to read!

  4. Jeanne

    Such a good list. I will have to pick one or two of these up. Currently, Iam reading "Changing to Thrive" by Prochaska and Prochaska. As a lifelong learning, I am enjoying refreshing my understanding of the stages of change.

  5. Janet

    I have found the wisdom of The Coaching Habit, especially its subtitle, Say Less Ask More, to be the best reminder for my practice. Helps me to stay in service.

  6. Amal

    Co-Active Coaching is my favorite read. I have learned so much from it and enjoyed it very much I also adapted a lot from it in my coaching practice.

  7. Alexandra Gifford

    Coach the Person, Not the Problem- great book on this list. Thank you!!

  8. Kaywin Sinclair

    Ooo my favourite is co-active coaching so informative and helpful.

  9. Linda Secretan

    I enjoyed the list, nodding my head at some old friends and anticipating diving into a couple of others, especially Marcia Reynolds' latest. Right now I'm am enjoying "Your Body is Your Brain" by Amanda Blake, and "Helping People Change" by Amanda's mentor Richard Boyatzis. Your commentaries are helpful in a world where there are "so many books, so little time!" Thank you

    • Michela Phillips

      Thanks for sharing, Linda! We're always learning, always reading 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

  10. Joash

    The Portable Coach is a great book, lots of great practical strategies!

  11. Lani

    Great list thank you - my go-to is the coaching habit! Such a useful book applicable for anyone / everyone!

  12. Marianne G Wescoat

    The Coaching Habit is an essential for coaches as well as managers! The questions and process are invaluable tool that I use. This book taught me the importance of the powerful questions that make all the difference

  13. Lesley Burch

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching by Marion Franklin. What a straight forward, logical and EFFICIENT guide to nailing coaching for the benefit of your client.

    • Michela Phillips

      We love it too, Lesley! We're glad you enjoy it!
      - Kindly, Michela

  14. Ashika

    Thank you for this great resource. I have a few of the books, and keen to build on to mine. Difficult conversations by Douglas Stone is a book that I’ve recently bought, & waiting to get into. Always look forward to your newsletters! Thank you!

    • Michela Phillips

      So glad you enjoy the newsletters, Ashika! I hope you enjoy your new book 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

  15. Narinder

    This is a very nice compilation. The introduction is precise and dense. Definitely piques your interest for every title. As a coach seeking her niche I could seek each one for valuable guidance. Also its great how you have mentioned practical application for each title. Thanx.

    • Michela Phillips

      So glad you enjoyed the article, Narinder 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

  16. Nagesh

    Thank you for sharing the list of books.
    I like 2 books and these are- Quiet Leadership by David Rock and Helping People Change by Richard Boyatzis, Melvin Smith and Ellen Van Oosten.

  17. Lanette Kowalchuk

    Thank you so much for your articles. I am just starting out in coaching and appreciate the help and resources you offer. Please accept my biggest, warmest hugs and thanks for all you do. This article is invaluable to me. I appreciate it. As Linda stated, "...there are so many books, so little time." Cheers

    • Michela Phillips

      Big hugs back to you, Lanette. Just keep reading!!
      - Kindly, Michela

  18. Mehnaz Amjad

    I was extremely pleased to learn I already have read all the books listed here from number 1 to 4.
    The concept of Group Coaching has always confused me because being a Trainer and now a Coach, I have usually serviced people on an individual basis, and therefore found group coaching as a bit extension of knowledge sharing and training.
    Effective group coaching is now my goal to read next.
    Thank you for the list.

    • Michela Phillips

      Wow, so glad you've already made headway on the book list! You've got 6 more to go!
      - Kindly, Michela

  19. Giulia

    Coach the person not the problem by Marcia Reynolds is my favourite.
    Great insights and practical tips

  20. Lauren Leopold

    Brilliant article, thank you! And agree that there are so many books, so little time 🙂 One of my classic faves is Brian Tracy’s ‘Goals’ which helped me coach myself through a very difficult time in my life and now always comes in handy with my clients.

  21. Bee

    My go to coaching book is ‘Coaching Skills’ by Jenny Rogers. I am familiar with some of the books you have listed and will enjoy exploring the others.

  22. Xavier Bartholome

    I really enjoyed and learned a lot from "Effective modern coaching" from Myles Downey, which I guess is a newer edition of that one in your list ... ;o)

    Coaching habits is also a great read

  23. shankar

    For me , Marion's book the Heart of laser focussed coaching was really practical and useful . Coactive coaching is great as well and so is Coaching for Performance . If i was new to reading coaching books , i would read Coaching for Performance and Coactive Coaching first to get to know the basics of coaching with same topics emphasised in different ways in both these books and follow it up with the Heart of laser focussed coaching which really focuses on how to have that effective coaching conversation. All great choices in this list

  24. Karen Lynch

    You have encouraged me to purchase The discomfort zone. Hoping it will help me to reach a new level with some of my more challenging clients.

  25. Niki Audsley

    I'm very new to coaching, currently completing an apprenticeship, but some of these titles are already in my (ever growing) collection of books! I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of times that I read information or look at a model and realise the synergy with my study of philosophy - it goes to prove that coaching isn't a new-fangled fad, it's been in action for thousands of years! Another book I have found useful for the entry-level coach is The Art of Coaching; a handbook of tips and tools by Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall. It's a light hearted way of becoming familiar with the models and techniques that is very accessible and creates a greater feeling of confidence to tackle the more 'heavy weight' tomes!

  26. Raven Nielsen

    Some new ones for me to read on this list, thank you! My above and beyond favourite has to be Marcia Reynolds' "Coach the person not the problem" though; everything in it really resonates with how I approach coaching.

  27. Georgeta Vlase-Harvey

    Thank you for sharing this list of coaching books, I'm always looking for good and reliable recommendations.
    I must say that of this list I only read Coaching for Performance and Co-active coaching. I am really keen to read Coach the person, not the problem. My recommendation would be for The Coach's casebook - each chapter covers a problem that somebody hired a coach for and how the coach has approached it. It also includes conversations that took place in the coach's supervision sessions. I found it very useful.

    • Michela Phillips

      Thanks for the book recommendation, Georgeta! Glad you like our reading list 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

  28. Nicole Pohl

    This is such a good list and thank you for sharing it. I got some good tips. I really enjoyed The Coaching Habit and I am re-reading the Co-active Coaching book. I did not know there was an updated version.

    So, thank you for the update.


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      You're welcome, Nicole! I hope you check out some of the other books too 🙂
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  31. Katie Poole

    Thank you so much for this list: it has given me several new books to add to my TBR pile! I also love Nancy Kline's 'Time to Think', 'The Coach's Casebook' by Geoff Watts & Kim Morgan and 'The Coaching Manual' by Julie Starr.

  32. Stephanie

    Wow! What a great reminder of books that I would like to read! Thank you for the list. I’ll be reviewing it and adding to my ‘Leaders are Readers’ list.

  33. Cameo Hartz

    Effective Group Coaching and Co-Active Coaching are the two on this list that I've read. Thanks for more recommendations for my library check-out list 🙂

  34. Courtney

    Coach the Person Not the Problem is my favorite coaching book. Marcia's insights on how to effect lasting change within each client are a valuable asset to my coaching practice.

  35. Julie Donahue

    I see a few books I need to add to my "To Read" list!! Thanks for the recommendations. With so many options, it's great to have suggetions.

  36. Chrystal

    I have read the co-active coaching by Karen Kimsey-House. It was a good book to read just starting out and I also see some other books on your recommendation list that I need to add to my reading list.

    • Michela Phillips

      I'm glad you've found inspiration in our reading recommendations!
      - Kindly, Michela

  37. DaLorean Marz

    Coach the Person Not The Problem is the best coaching book I have read so far! I saw the author do a live coaching session at one of your events and bought her book immediately after. The staying present mentality has been everything for me and my HSP coaching business.

  38. Sonja Cronje

    Hard for me to choose a favourite coaching book. I have a sentimental attachment to 'An introduction to coaching skills' by C van Nieuwenburgh - because it was the first coaching book I read (while studying for my coaching qualification) and it blew my mind!

    In terms of books I have most recommended to others (esp. people leaders) it would have to be 'The Coaching Habit'. MBS rocks!

    LOVE coaching!!

    • Michela Phillips

      There are so many great coaching books out there, you're right! Thanks for sharing 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

  39. Kay

    I appreciate continuous coaching learning and enjoyed #3 & #9 from above on my journey. My go-to as of late has been "the psychology manual" because it is a good reminder to know it is the client's journey/life and they are allowing us to go on the ride with them. We are choosen to provide the structure, the accountability, a safe place/space and mentoring if/when requested. Holding space is such a powerful thing because many folks just need to talk out loud and be heard to feel and eventually utilize their power. Everything they need is within them. It is all intrinsic, the extrinsic is just a secondary tool to help in achieving their end goal.

  40. Riyaz Jivanjee

    Marion Franklin's book really does go to the heart of the matter, distilling her vast experience over two decades in a very practical way.

  41. Mary

    Thank you for this list and I would love to win this wonderful book.

    A coaching book that I go to often is Time to Think by Nancy Klein

  42. Nichol Hohenbrink

    I'm still working my way through it, but "Self-Coaching" by Joseph J. Luciani was highly recommended to me by one of my clients due to the impact it had on his life.

  43. Jill

    Great list! Marcia Reynolds' book was hugely inspiring for me. I felt reassured by her wise and kind reminder that our clients need us to be present more than they need us to be perfect.

  44. Niamh Mitchell

    Great list, I haven´t read them all - yet! The ones I haven´t are on my shelf waiting to be picked up. Of those I have read, I think my favourite is Coach The Person Not The Problem. I say ´think´ because like a lot of things in life different things resonate more at different times in your journey so it´s hard to pick an all-time favourite. Co-active Coaching is a must-read for new coaches and one I really appreciate having in my library.

  45. Pamela

    What a fantastic list! Thanks so much. I've read Co-Active Coaching, the Coaching Habit. It's difficult to choose between those two. I am also now adding Coaching for Performance and Effective Group Coaching.

    Again, thank you for your booklist and for all of the resources you create for coaches.

  46. Ale

    Gracias muy buen material , gracias por proveer la lista de los mejores libros de coaching y las actualizaciones .

  47. Amanda Hahn

    This is a great list and I do have one that I would like to add - Helping People Change - Coaching with Compassion for Lifelong Learning and growth by Richard Boyatzis, Melvin Smith and Ellen Van Oosten. Another book that I have used personally and also shared with my clients: Change Your Questions Change Your Life by Marilee Adams.

  48. Beverly Dearstine-Russell

    I'm getting the Discomfort Zone book for my peer tutors to aid them in working with students this fall. It was recommended my leadership in a personal developement workshop. It is a two way conversation, how they-tutors can break through discomfort in chatting with those who are so resistant to tutoring and for students who struggle with a course content. Some times you need to get discomfortable in the learning process to grow!

    • Michela Phillips

      Agreed, Beverly! Discomfort is where growth begins 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

  49. Karen

    I enjoyed The Life Coaching Handbook. Mirrored my training program and offered usable information.

  50. Laura

    Thanks for these great recommendations! I havn’t read any of them so it’s always good to have a go-to list when I’m looking for my next book! Thank you!

  51. Tanya MFK

    I agree that Co-Active coaching is a fantastic read. I do enjoy Rich Litvin as a human, which lends itself to liking his book "The Prosperous Coach" I am also a big fan of Benjamin Hardy and his books "Personality Isn't Permanent" and "Willpower Doesn't Work" I regularly use the concepts in these books in my business and practice.

    • Michela Phillips

      Thanks for sharing your book recommendations, Tanya!
      - Kindly, Michela

  52. Vicky Stanton

    Of that list, Co-active coaching is the one I have read so thank you for some great suggestions. Some great tools for unlocking the potential in others.

  53. Elena

    Thank you very much for this overview. Since I read this article last year, I purchased and read several of these books. Each of them are complementary to each other. If I were to recommend one I would go for ‘The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask more & Change the Way You Lead Forever’. Easy to read and the message powerfully sticks forever. Thank you for this discovery.

    • Michela Phillips

      Thank you for sharing, Elena! Great recommendation 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

  54. Rachel Gojer

    Wonderful list! My favourite coaching books are
    1. Coach the person not the problem.
    2. The heart of laser-focused coaching.
    3. The coaching habit
    4. Co-active coaching

    What I would add is "The coaching manual by Julie Starr.


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