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Extraordinary Goal-Setting Toolkit

Power into the year with these 8 goal-setting tools, PLUS a seasonal bonus tool and user guide! Help your clients set exciting, meaningful goals, commit and take action.

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Set Your Compass - Review and Celebrate 2017 & Prepare for 2018 Goal-Setting

1. (SEASONAL) Set Your Compass: Celebrate 2017 & Prepare for 2018

Help your clients review and celebrate their 2017, and prepare for powerful 2018 goal-setting with this powerful seasonal exercise!

  • Provide an excellent base for your clients' 2018 goal-setting!
  • Fun coaching exercise helps your clients identify their achievements in the previous year
  • Clients also identify key challenges and goal areas for the coming year
  • Use to identify specific successes to celebrate with your clients!
  • Inspiring, energising, satisfying and helpful!
Set 3 Month Vision Coaching Worksheet

2. 3 Month Vision Worksheet

What do your clients want from life over the next 3 months? A fantastic starting point to identify meaningful short-term goals.

  • Help your client create and shape a vision for the next 3 months
  • Use to drive out and set goals
  • Visualize what clients want to achieve in key areas of their lives
  • Excellent homework, workshop and in-session tool
Annual Goal-Setting Worksheet

3. ANNUAL Goal-Setting Workbook

Make annual goal-setting fun! Get clients clear and focused on what they want from the year ahead.

  • Help clients set clear and meaningful annual goals
  • Satisfying 4 page worksheet
  • Includes summary sheet to firm up commitment
  • Great homework and worksheet for a practical, inspiring annual goal-setting workshop or seminar.
Visioning Worksheet

4. Get Perspective Vision Worksheet

Help your clients identify and prioritise what they need to start doing in the next 3 months to achieve their 10 year goals.

  • Set compelling and meaningful goals that fit into the big picture clients have for their lives
  • Work backwards from 10 year to 3 month goals to see what needs to be started now
  • Great homework!

5. Goals Motivator - Find Your Hidden Treasure

Uncover the hidden rocket fuel that will motivate your clients to do what it takes to achieve their goals!

  • Uncover what drives your client for a particular goal
  • Help clients connect with and find more energy for their goals
  • Great to use with potential clients
Smart Goal-Setting Template Page 1

6. Nail That Goal - SMART Goals

Help your clients nail down a SMART goal and set them on their path to success!

  • Set SMART, positive and ecological goals
  • Pinpoint goal benefits, detect obstacles, short term actions & more
  • Great to use in workshops and fabulous as homework!
Life Vision Coaching Exercises Page 1

7. Rocking Chair and 2 Other Life Vision Exercises

Indispensable goal-setting resource to draw out a client's vision for their lives and give them the context they need to get inspired and move forward.

  • Explore the vision your client has for their life
  • Helps draw out goals and values
  • Align clients' goals with their vision to increase motivation
  • Includes 3 different life visioning exercises
  • Great homework and workshop exercise
Goal Brainstorming Exercise Page 1

8. Wacky Wild Goal Brainstorming! Tool

Use this awesome goal brainstorming worksheet to help your clients create exciting and meaningful goals!

  • The perfect goal brainstorming tool
  • Assess goals according to the value they TRULY add to your client's life
  • Identify 10 focus areas that could be turned into goals
  • Great homework and for seminars and workshops

Also Included:

We have added the relevant free resources, so you have everything you need.

Goal Motivation Coaching Form

1. Understanding The Why of Your Goals

Until we understand WHY we want our goals, it's difficult to go the 'extra mile'. This goal-setting tool helps your clients fully commit to their goals.

  • Get clients inspired about their goals!
  • Helps clients feel clear, motivated and focused
  • Find more energy to put into achieving goals

2. Extraordinary Goal-Setting Toolkit - USER GUIDE.pdf

Love your Goal-Setting Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

  • Use the Extraordinary Goal-Setting Toolkit with confidence!
  • Detailed 'how to' for each of the coaching tools, forms, exercises and worksheets in this toolkit
  • Includes a program outline you could follow
  • Shares purpose of tool, how & when to use plus great tips
  • Plus great follow-on reading and tools!
  • Fabulous goal-setting tools value pack is a must for every coach!
  • Explore the vision your client has for their life
  • Explore goal ecology, motivation, obstacles, success boosters!
  • Set meaningful goals - and take action
  • Includes Annual Goal-Setting Worksheet (great for workshops too!)

A great addition to your toolbox, this fabulous Goal Setting Tools value pack is a must for every coach.

PLUS, for a limited  time only, also get our fabulous seasonal tool "Set Your Compass" which helps you review and celebrate 2017, and prepare for 2018 goal-setting.

We have the goal-setting tools you are looking for to help your clients:

  • Set specific Annual Goals with our popular Annual Goal-Setting Workbook
  • Brainstorm your client's vision and goal ideas
  • Set SMART goals including identifying what might get in the way
  • Get & stay motivated
  • Commit to their goals
  • Ensure goals are inspiring & personally meaningful
  • Identify a long term vision - and what they need to be doing now to achieve that vision

These vision and goal setting tools work together to ensure your clients have committed, purposeful goals!

Get your Extraordinary Goal-Setting Toolkit here

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