Small Business Coaching Toolkit User Guide

Small Business Coaching Toolkit - USER GUIDE.pdf

Love your Small Business Coaching Toolkit! ‘How to’ user guide with tool overview, tips and great program outline. (9 pages)


  • Please Note: by downloading this free coaching tool you are agreeing to be bound by our licensing terms.
  • Helpful overview of the coaching tools, forms, exercises and worksheets in this toolkit
  • Includes a program outline for you to follow
  • Grab yours to decide if this Business Coaching Toolkit is for you!

This "How To" User Guide lists all 30 Tools, Exercises and Forms in the Business Coaching Toolkit. It groups them into helpful sections and gives a rationale and suggested order or program outline, plus an overview of how to use each tool.

Use the Business Coaching Toolkit and this User Guide as a ready-to-go coaching program or dip into the tools 'a la carte' as and when you need them with each client.

Use this .pdf guide as a reference and to get ideas for your own business coaching program or simply to decide if the Business Coaching Toolkit is for you.

PLEASE NOTE: This Business Coaching Toolkit is intended for use by Small Business Coaches.

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