Great free workshop forms and seminar resources for you including an awesome multi-purpose workshop feedback form, icebreaker & more!

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Additional information about these free seminar and workshop forms and resources:

people around a table completing workshop forms and resourcesMost of our coaching tools are step by step exercises that allow (you or) your clients to reflect on, work through, learn about themselves and often to identify actions for specific issues or goals - which we discuss further in our Complete Guide To Coaching Tools.

These Free Seminar and Workshop Forms and Resources are a mix of helpful forms and checklists - created for use in workshops and seminars.

Specifically, we cannot recommend our Free Workshop Feedback Form enough - for building your 'opt-in' email list, generating interest in a complimentary taster session with you - AND getting great feedback on what people liked about your workshop or seminar.

These Free Seminar and Workshop Forms and Resources are here to make your life easier and less stressful. Because we remember how hard it was to set-up a coaching practice - and how daunting it can be when we first start running workshops and seminars!

Each of these Free Seminar and Workshop Forms and Resources was created by a professional life coach. And all of the free seminar forms, resources and templates are ready to use.

They have been created in Microsoft Word which allows you to customise the wording, add your own information as well as your contact and branding information - which is essential when you're running a workshop or seminar! Now when your attendees go home, they'll have your branding and contact details to remind them of you - and allow them to get in touch with you in the future. (So these workshop forms and templates are also an essential marketing resource!)

These free workshop forms and resources have the same professional attention to detail as our paid coaching tools. Please note that the same licensing terms also apply.

We really hope you like these free seminar and workshop forms and resources - and that you find them useful. If you ever have any suggestions or ideas for templates or resources we could add, we would love to hear from you.