Coaching Exercises for You

Here are some great free coaching exercises you can use with your clients and in your coaching practice. In the alphabetical list below you'll find great homework ideas, life coaching exercises for one-on-one coaching, workshops, webinars, welcome kits and more!

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About these Free Coaching Exercises

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Each of the Free Coaching Exercises above has instructions. They help your clients reflect on, work through, learn about themselves—and often identify actions for specific issues or goals.

And each coaching exercise was created by a professional life coach for use with clients—whether meeting with a prospective client, a coaching session, homework, group coaching or a coaching workshop or webinar.

These free coaching exercises also make great conference handouts too.

Why Coaching Exercises?

These Free Coaching Exercises are intended to help—and give a boost to—your coaching practice. We know it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to set-up and run a coaching business. And we know how hard it can be when you're first getting started.

That's why we like to save you time with these free professional forms and coaching exercises for clients.

All these Free Coaching Exercises are ready-to-go. They've been created in Microsoft Word which allows you to customise the wording, add your branding and contact information (so long as you follow our licensing terms here).

That means these coaching exercises can also be a marketing tool—ensuring people remember AND know how to contact you!

These Free Coaching Exercises have the same professional look and feel as our purchased coaching tools, and are a great place to get started and try us out. We really hope you like these life coaching exercises and find them helpful.

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Learn more about Life Coaching Exercises for Clients

If you're still wondering what are coaching exercises and tools? Who uses them? Who can I use them with? We answer these questions and more here in our Complete Guide to Coaching Exercises & Tools.

PS. Have an idea for a Free Coaching Exercise?

If you have any suggestions or ideas for a life coaching exercise or article topic we would love to hear from you!