Coaching Agreement Contract Sample TEMPLATE
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Coaching Agreement Contract TEMPLATE (Sample)

Need a coaching agreement or contract? This professional template is a tried and tested example including payment terms, conditions and more. (2 pages)


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  • A professional sample coaching agreement / template
  • Includes disclaimers, payment terms, how to rearrange a session and more
  • NOTE: Not a legal document - review and customise to suit your requirements

This sample coaching agreement template provides you with a professional example of a coaching contract. Ideal if you're overwhelmed or confused at the thought of putting together a coaching agreement, this template gives you - a working example of how you could work with your clients. (2 pages)

This is a the actual coaching agreement template Emma-Louise still uses in her practice. Some of what it covers includes:

  1. Reminders: That your client understands they're fully responsible for their own choices and actions.
  2. Disclaimer: That coaching is not counselling, therapy or any kind of advice - financial, legal or otherwise. They need to get an expert for help in these areas.
  3. Payment Terms and Options: Make it easy for your clients by clearly stating payment amounts, frequency, how you want to be paid and by when.
  4. General Admin: How to book a session or how to change a session date/time - what notice needs to be given in order to reschedule.
  5. The Coaching Contract: How much notice to give to terminate the coaching contract with you, what happens around any sessions they've paid for but missed or not taken etc.

Client/Coach Boundaries: I also use this coaching contract as a way to clarify with my clients what I expect of them, and what they can expect (and not expect!) of me. For example, I refer to it should they miss a session or payment. By asking my clients to sign this coaching agreement, I set my boundaries with them.

As you work with more clients and gain experience, you will establish your own boundaries, terms and conditions. This coaching contract or agreement gives you a great template which you simply customise to suit your own needs.

PLEASE NOTE: We have been asked by our lawyers to make it clear THIS IS NOT A LEGAL DOCUMENT and is for your information only. This coaching agreement is a sample coaching contract template is solely intended to give you a framework to get started with. We ask that you get it checked to your own satisfaction with the appropriate experts before relying upon it.


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