Inside a Coach's Heart Graphics for Coaches Product
Inside a Coach's Heart Graphics for Coaches Product Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-MAIN-Graphic Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote1 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote2 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote3 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote4 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote5 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote6 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote7 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote8 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote9 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote10 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote11 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-Quote12 Inside-a-Coachs-Heart-Product-BONUS Inside a Coach's Heart User Guide Image

Inside a Coach's Heart Social Media GRAPHICS!

Celebrate and showcase your passion for coaching and the wonderful work you do with these 14 beautiful, brandable graphics showing “What’s Inside a Coach’s Heart!”


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  • Inspire people to hire you with these warm, beautiful and shareable graphics.
  • 12 coaching affirmations, plus one lovely graphic that contains them all!
  • Created exclusively by a coach for coaches.
  • Reveal the benefits - and heart - of coaching to your followers!
  • Inspiring, coach-like and brandable.
  • Includes a bonus graphic to encourage people to hire you.
  • Reusable for Valentines, Kindness Week, Coaching Week, before you make a coaching offer and to connect with fans any time.
  • Use on many social media channels eg. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and more!
  • Includes helpful user guide.
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These unique and beautiful graphics have been created exclusively for coaches - to share the heart of who you are!

As a coach, you're a powerful enabler and you belong to a worldwide community that helps people achieve their fullest potential. We take the business of BEing a coach very seriously and do our best to honour and live our own values. We aim to express ourselves authentically - both in our businesses and in our lives.

Use these 14 beautiful graphics and coaching affirmations to share what's at the heart of coaching, and to spread love and kindness at any time! From our heart to yours, share these graphics to feel proud of yourself and the important world-enlivening work that you do.

This product contains:

  • One beautiful overarching image that contains all the statements and affirmations of "What's Inside a Coach's Heart!"
  • 12 individual images - one for each of the supporting affirmations of coaching.
  • Plus one (optional) final image that says: "Ask me how I can help you follow your heart today!"

Convey what it means to have a coach - not just someone who helps you set goals and make action plans! Someone who cares, who looks out for you, fights your corner and inspires you to be more!

We hope you LOVE this graphic as much as we do.

Here is the text for the 12 affirmations and bonus inspirational graphic!

  1. My clients pay for my time and my expertise. My heart is free.
  2. My clients are the experts of their lives - you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
  3. Change is both challenging and thrilling. I will help you overcome your obstacles and access the joy and excitement of life!
  4. I will encourage, support and believe in you, even (especially) when you do not.
  5. All of you is welcome in our coaching sessions: your thoughts, fears, feelings, failures and secret yearnings are safe with me.
  6. My goal is to help you get focused on what you love, value and want from life.
  7. I will help you try new things, take risks, get out of your comfort zone and soar!
  8. Your critic does not scare me. I see the strong, kind, brave, inspiring, unique person that you are.
  9. Our relationship is one of mutual respect. I love and accept you as you are and do not
  10. I am passionate about coaching and provide a sacred space for you to create a life you love.
  11. I will hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do!
  12. I help you learn to trust and befriend you, to put yourself first and let go of negative baggage!

Plus the BONUS: Ask me now how I can help you follow your heart today!

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  • Your digital products are delivered instantly upon payment.
  • Please Note: by completing your purchase you are agreeing to be bound by our licensing terms.

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