Track Time Recording Coaching Template

Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters Template

No more excuses! Help busy clients get real about where their time goes with this powerful time-charting exercise. (1 pages)


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  • This coaching exercise yields surprisingly deep results!
  • Chart EXACTLY where your client's time goes for unexpected 'Aha' moments
  • Especially good for self-care coaching - and busy executives / business owners

If you have ever had clients say they were 'too busy' to complete their actions, or clients that always seem flustered and wondered, "What ARE they doing with their time?" This coaching exercise will help you find out.

This straightforward coaching exercise yields surprisingly deep results! It's a week-long time-chart with instructions and pre-filled categories that helps them record and total EXACTLY where their time goes. It's a bit like 'the latte factor' - it may only be x minutes a day, but it quickly adds up.

Are they taking time for themselves? How many hours ARE they spending working, travelling, on the internet?

Essential for your busy clients - and especially helpful for business, executive, career or life coaching, There may be some revelations, realisations and changes when it comes to review time... And this coaching exercise is a great jump-off point to discuss how your client WANTS to spend their time going forwards.

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