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Coaching Goals Worksheet

Stay on track! Essential for every coaching client – get clear on what your clients want to get out of coaching with you! (2 pages)


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  • Helpful starting point outlining what client wants from the coaching relationship
  • Stay on track during coaching sessions
  • Great basis for measuring achievements, tracking progress and checking in with clients

It's essential for coaches to help our clients get really clear about what they want from working with us. This coaching goals form asks the client to specifically define what they want from the coaching relationship, setting 3 primary goals and 7 secondary goals.

The 3 primary coaching goals are the main focus of the coaching relationship and ask for a measure - how will know they've achieved this goal? The 7 secondary coaching goals are areas for the client to work on alone, although it is great to check-in with the client and see how these goals are coming along.

Use this goal setting tool for them to get clear on what they want to achieve during the coaching, highlighting gaps in expectations and providing the opportunity to dig a little deeper into their wants and needs.

And if the client doesn't know what they want – this coaching tool is a great way to get the conversation-started! A simple, but essential tool to include in your welcome packet. (2 pages)

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