Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise

Build a Bridge Coaching Exercise

Got a client who feels stuck? You don’t need to see the other side, you just need to take the next 3 steps! (1 pages)


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  • Get your stuck clients taking action with this step-by-step exercise
  • Uses the handy 'build a bridge' metaphor
  • Identify 3 actions that get clients moving right away!

Got a client who feels stuck? Sometimes all we need is a little push to take action - and get ourselves unstuck! This coaching exercise uses the handy ‘build a bridge’ metaphor to help them see that we don't always need to be able to see the other side of the bridge before setting off... Help your client liberate themselves with this powerful metaphor. This tools asks them to review what they really want, their progress so far - and to identify 3 actions that get them moving right away!

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