Welcome Pack Toolkit
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Welcome Pack Toolkit Client Action Sheet TEMPLATE Client-Reminder-List Coaching Agreement Contract Sample TEMPLATE Coaching Goals Worksheet Life Map Template Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form Motivation QUIZ Powerful Pondering Questions Tool Speedy Priority Finder 5 Minute Exercise Wheel of Life Template Exercise Page 1 Client Info Sheet TEMPLATE Invoice Sample TEMPLATE Receipt-Sample-TEMPLATE_u-500 Complimentary Session Vouchers TEMPLATE Welcome Letter Sample TEMPLATE

Welcome Pack Toolkit

Our biggest seller! This Welcome Pack has all the tools, forms and templates you need to get started with a new client. Created by an experienced professional coach.

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Client Reminder List Coaching Template
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1. Client Reminder List

Help clients get the most out coaching with you with this list of prompts. Help your client prepare and be ready for their session with you.

  • Get clients thinking about what to discuss before their session
  • Broad range of topics/area prompts
  • Perfect extra coaching resource to send out with your welcome packet
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2. Coaching Agreement Contract TEMPLATE (Sample)

Need a coaching agreement or contract? This professional template is a tried and tested example including payment terms, conditions and more.

  • A professional sample coaching agreement / template
  • Includes disclaimers, payment terms, how to rearrange a session and more
  • NOTE: Not a legal document - review and customise to suit your requirements
Set Coaching Goals Worksheet Page 1
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3. Coaching Goals Worksheet

Stay on track! Essential for every coaching client - get clear on what your clients want to get out of coaching with you!

  • Helpful starting point outlining what client wants from the coaching relationship
  • Stay on track during coaching sessions
  • Great basis for measuring achievements, tracking progress and checking in with clients
Life Map Template Coaching Exercise Page 1
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4. Life Map Template

Get a snapshot of the key events that have shaped your clients life. Don't ask clients to 'Tell me about yourself', get them to show you with a Life Map!

  • Get helicopter overview of significant shaping events in clients' lives
  • Questions included to explore and look for patterns
  • Good for objective reflection and esteem building
  • Helps identify core values, strengths and limiting beliefs
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5. Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form

An invaluable tool to discover how your client is REALLY doing and how you can better help them.

  • Clarify what support your clients need for the upcoming month
  • Help clients evaluate what they most value in their coaching experience
  • Get feedback to improve your effectiveness as a coach
Motivation Quiz Page 1
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6. Motivation Quiz

How motivated are your clients and prospects? Find out with this quick quiz!

  • Gain insight into your client's current motivation levels
  • Helps you adapt your coaching accordingly
  • Offers tips to get clients more inspired and focused
  • Includes 3 great homework ideas
Pondering Questions Page 1
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7. Powerful Pondering Questions Tool

Get clients thinking about what they really want from life - and from coaching with these deep, pondering questions.

  • Great start to a coaching relationship
  • Stimulate ideas for goal setting and discover areas to explore further
  • 22 powerful coaching questions
  • Ideal to include in your welcome pack
  • Also use questions as individual journaling prompts / homework
Priority Finder Coaching Exercise
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8. Speedy Priority Finder - 5 Minute Exercise

Sometimes clients' day-to-day priorities differ from life priorities. Help your clients live their lives instead of their lives living them!

  • Speedy (5 minute!) priority identifying worksheet
  • Use to help client feel more in control and less overwhelmed
  • Clarify a path to set and realize top priorities

Also Included:

We have added the relevant free resources, so you have everything you need.

Track Client Actions Coaching Form

1. Client Action Sheet TEMPLATE

A simple, practical client-action recording sheet for you - or your clients!

  • Easily keep track of client actions
  • Hold your clients to their commitments
  • Helps you stay organized
Intake Session TEMPLATE Checklist Coaching Form Image

2. Intake Session TEMPLATE Checklist

Don't miss a thing on your Intake Sessions! Instead be confident, organized and prepared with this Intake Session Template and Checklist.

  • Comprehensive checklist of what to cover in an intake session
  • Includes taking payment, setting up next sessions, coaching process & more!
  • An essential tool for new coaches
  • Customise to your needs
Wheel of Life Template Exercise Page 1

3. *UPDATED* Wheel of Life Template with Instructions

Don't reinvent the wheel - the wheel of life template that is! This is our most popular free coaching tool and has been downloaded over 150,000 times (and counting)!

  • Powerful visual coaching exercise so your client can see how 'balanced' their life is
  • Great to use as a regular check-in with clients
  • Includes instructions and follow-up questions to guide clients through their wheel of life...

4. Client Info Sheet TEMPLATE

Keep all your client details organized and at hand. Essential form to stay on top of your clients' key information.

  • Capture key contact information
  • Stay organized
  • Store essential client information offline, all on one page
What needs to go on your Invoice? This sample free coaching template is ready to go and can also be customized with your own style and pricing.

5. Invoice Sample TEMPLATE

Need a professional invoice template? This sample layout is a good place to start.

  • Spend your time coaching, not re-creating admin forms
  • Professional and clean layout
  • Sample invoice template is customisable and brandable

6. Receipt Sample TEMPLATE

Provide clients with professional, polished receipts using this sample template.

  • Spend your time coaching, not re-creating admin forms
  • Professional and clean layout
  • Sample receipt template is customisable and brandable
Complimentary Session Voucher Template

7. Complimentary Session Vouchers TEMPLATE

Cultivate warm client leads by including these vouchers in your welcome kits, at workshops or in mail-outs.

  • Gift certificate vouchers for complimentary coaching sessions
  • Great way to get more sample sessions with prospective clients
  • 3 per sheet, customisable template

8. Welcome Letter Sample TEMPLATE

Wondering what you need to say in your Welcome Letter? Try this customisable sample free coaching template.

  • Great starting point for a client welcome letter
  • Use 'as is' - or customize with your personality and style
  • Part of an essential coaches Welcome Pack Toolkit
  • For new or just getting started coaches!
  • Get organized and feel more confident
  • Surprise and delight your new client with a Welcome Packet
  • Includes a coaching agreement sample
  • Plus great homework to get clients going quickly

This Welcome Packet is our most popular toolkit!

The Welcome Pack Templates in this Toolkit are a great way to:

  • feel confident when starting out with a new client
  • save you valuable time so you can spend more time coaching!
  • surprise and delight your new client and appear super-professional and organized!
  • give your clients something tangible to validate their investment in coaching
  • give your clients homework to get them going quickly
  • Includes an essential coaching agreement sample template

Whether you're just getting started or revamping your current welcome packet, you can feel confident you're getting great value with these proven templates, created and tested by a skilled and experienced professional coach.

Here's a list of the Coaching Tools, Forms and Exercises included in this set of Welcome Pack Templates:

  1. Client Action Sheet TEMPLATE
  2. Client Info Sheet TEMPLATE
  3. Client Reminder List
  4. Coaching Agreement Contract TEMPLATE (Sample)
  5. Coaching Goals Worksheet
  6. Complimentary Session Vouchers TEMPLATE
  7. Intake Session TEMPLATE Checklist
  8. Invoice Sample TEMPLATE
  9. Life Map Template
  10. Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form
  11. Motivation Quiz
  12. Powerful Pondering Questions Tool
  13. Receipt Sample TEMPLATE
  14. Speedy Priority Finder - 5 Minute Exercise
  15. Welcome Letter Sample TEMPLATE
  16. Wheel of Life Template with Instructions

We also included the most relevant free coaching resources so you have everything you need to get started in a ready-to-go Toolkit!

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