Productivity & Time Management Toolkit
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Productivity & Time Management Toolkit

Chock full of practical tips, techniques and concepts, the time management tools in this value pack help your clients transform, prioritise and make better use of the time they have.

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Action Priority Matrix Coaching Worksheet Page 1
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1. Action Priority Matrix Tool

Give your clients a productivity boost with this powerful time management exercise.

  • Help your clients achieve more with less effort
  • Identify Quick Wins, Time Wasters and more to transform productivity
  • Great for Business, Career, Executive & Leadership Coaches
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2. Big Rocks and Little Rocks Exercise!

Are your clients working on what's most important to them? Help clients focus on their priorities with this effective exercise.

  • Uses memorable story to illustrate core time management concept
  • Help clients align how they spend their time with their 'real' priorities
  • Take action on what matters most, first
Track Time Recording Coaching Template
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3. Expose Your Hidden Time Wasters Template

No more excuses! Help busy clients get real about where their time goes with this powerful time-charting exercise.

  • This coaching exercise yields surprisingly deep results!
  • Chart EXACTLY where your client's time goes for unexpected 'Aha' moments
  • Especially good for self-care coaching - and busy executives / business owners
Find Motivational Words Coaching Exercise
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4. Get Motivated! What Words Inspire You to Action?

Discover which words get your clients fired up - and which demotivate them in this powerful exercise.

  • Change the words you use to achieve more, more easily!
  • Help your clients identify specific words that inspire and demotivate them
  • Great both to get more excited about goals - and to get chores and unwanted tasks done...
Manage Interruptions Coaching Exercise COVER
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5. *UPDATED* Interruptions Blaster! Workbook

Blast those interruptions effectively and fast! Understand your client's interruption sources and create an individualised plan to manage them.

  • Help your clients understand their interruption patterns
  • Create a strategic, actionable plan
  • Helpful appendix of interruption tips
  • Fantastic productivity and time management coaching exercise
Weekly Daily Task Planner Coaching Tool Page 1
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6. New To Do List - Weekly Daily Task Planner

Stop procrastination and achieve goals! Help clients get focused, prioritise and take regular action towards their goals and dreams.

  • Identify key weekly and daily action-steps to achieve goals faster
  • Reduces overwhelm, helps client focus and prioritise tasks
  • Daily and weekly task planners keep clients on track
  • Focus on Key SMART Actions and Quick Wins
  • Perfect for small business coaches, executive and career coaches
Not To Do List Coaching Exercise
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7. NOT To-Do List Exercise!

Root out self-sabotaging behaviours (not to-do) with this clever coaching exercise.

  • Thought-provoking coaching exercise
  • Helps clients stick to goals and/or manage time better
  • Use as a one-off 'efficiency boost' or regularly to refine time management
  • Invite new more positive activities to support them going forwards
Urgent Important Matrix Template Page 1
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8. Urgent Important Matrix Template and Worksheet

Are your clients feeling swamped? Running from one crisis to the next? This fabulous matrix worksheet will revolutionize how clients spend their time!

  • Help clients learn to prioritise their time more effectively
  • Uses the 'Eisenhower Principle' to organize tasks according to urgency/importance
  • Introduces concept then clients work through their own unique issues
  • Great for life, career, executive, business and leadership coaches

Also Included:

We have added the relevant free resources, so you have everything you need.

Time Management Toolkit User Guide Image in 3D

1. Productivity & Time Management Toolkit - USER GUIDE.pdf

Love your Productivity and Time Management Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and outline.

  • Use the Productivity and Time Management Toolkit with confidence!
  • Detailed 'how to' for each of the coaching tools, forms, exercises and worksheets in this toolkit
  • Includes a proposed sequence/order for using the tools with your clients
  • Shares purpose of tool, how & when to use plus great tips
  • Plus great follow-on reading and tools!
  • Get clients organized and achieving more with the time they have
  • Discover where clients sabotage themselves
  • Remove distractions, interruptions and timewasters
  • Boost motivation - and results!
  • Great for executive and career coaches, and your disorganized clients!

More time is something we ALL want these days. Whatever kind of coaching you do or type of clients you have, this awesome Productivity and Time Management Tools Value Pack is essential for any coach.

These Productivity and Time Management Tools help your clients:

  • Organize and manage the time they have better
  • Align how they spend their time with their REAL priorities
  • Get focused and achieve more with the time they have!
  • Remove distractions and time-wasters
  • Manage interruptions like a pro!
  • Get clear on where their time goes - and how they sabotage themselves!
  • Help your clients identify what words motivate them - and which demotivate!
  • *NEW* Task Management System to plan out their Weekly and Daily activities and maximise success

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