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First, Discounts here at The Coaching Tools Company

1a) Are you an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Member?

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We're an official ICF Business Solutions Partner, and we offer a special discount to ICF Members.

  • ICF MEMBER DISCOUNT: 10% off Sitewide and 20% off the Welcome Pack Toolkit.
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1b) Get 5 Free Coaching Tools & Resources!

549 Powerful Coaching Questions FREE eBook PDF

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  • Starts with our "549 Powerful Coaching Questions" eBook, which you receive right away, along with a $5 coupon.
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  • Plus a weekly newsletter with tips, tools and deals - to help you create a thriving coaching business.

2) Annual Membership - International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW):

Get fresh ideas with  journaling prompts, courses, ebooks, tools, tips & more. Plus join the live member-only monthly writing circles on Zoom and be inspired during expert interviews on interactive telechats. Connection fuels our creative self-expression. Join the IAJW now to enrich both your journaling and life writing.

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  • Your Membership will help you:
      • Deepen your Journaling
      • Gain more Insights, Clarity & Self-awareness
      • Write Consistently
      • Discover New Things to Journal about
      • Connect with Fellow Journal Writers
      • Get Inspired, Create, Write, Learn, Discover & Grow!
      • PLUS Membership now comes with a NEW course The Great Journaling Journey (value $67).
      • Membership now also includes: Go To The Page Speaker Series ‚Äď How to use journaling to manifest your dreams & goals! (valued at $47).
  • READER BENEFIT: Save $25 on your annual IAJW membership!
  • HOW? Visit the IAJW Website here, click on 'Add to Cart',
    • then 'Click here if you have a coupon code'¬†and use COUPON CODE: TCTC25

3) Cindy Schulson's Online Copywriting Course - "Copy that WOWs"

Cindy Schulson, founder of Marketing from Within, shows coaches and consultants how to create great copy that inspires people without being hypey or manipulative. It’s about knowing what to say and how to say it, AND putting your authentic voice in your copy so you create a personal connection with your dream clients. Improve your most important marketing tool by improving your copywriting!

  • READER DISCOUNT: Get 50% off your "Copy that Wows" Online Course¬†
  • HOW? Click here, enroll and use COUPON CODE: TOOLS50

4) Affordable Neuroscience Training from The Neuroscience School

Neuroscience is one of the biggest game changers in the coaching industry and every day we learn more about how to help people change their behavior, regulate their emotions, break bad habits and achieve their most important goals. Coaches who understand and utilize this research will be positioned to get better results for get better results for their clients and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Neuroscience School offers individual courses in neuroscience that can help you and your clients make bigger, longer-lasting changes. Learn basic neuroscience concepts and discover the latest research findings to apply to your own coaching practice. Here are just some of the individual courses offered:

  • Willpower and Motivation
  • Focus and Decision-Making
  • The New Neuroscience of Emotion
  • The Neuroscience of Resilience
  • The Neuroscience of Relationships - and many more!

Group of People Learning Neuroscience

5) choice Magazine for Coaches

With subscribers around the world, choice is a 52-page colour quarterly magazine about coaching, for people who use coaching in their work, personal lives, and small business and has been a mainstay in the coaching industry for two decades. (We look forward to every issue at The Coaching Tools Company!)

  • READER DISCOUNT: Get a Free One Year Digital Subscription (value $23.99) OR get $23.99 off the Print Edition! (You will need to give your name/address/email and a credit card number for the free digital subscription, but you will not be charged).
  • HOW? Click here, select your subscription type, and use COUPON CODE: TCTC-CHOICE

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6) ReciproCoach

ReciproCoach is an international community of coaches who engage in reciprocal coaching, mentoring and supervision for their own personal and professional development. If you're looking for a mentor, supervision or would like to get some discounted coaching by taking part in reciprocal coaching (you coach them, they coach you), or need some recorded sessions for your certification then ReciproCoach may be just what you need! Started by fellow coach Kerryn Griffiths, this is a great service for coaches - and it's free to join/become a member!


  • READER BENEFIT: Get a free one year subscription to one of ReciproCoach's online business resources (includes online forms, 'instant' website).
  • HOW? Simply¬† visit ReciproCoach here and login or create your ReciproCoach Account, and use COUPON CODE: CoachingToolsCo

7) Milana Leshinsky's Group Coaching Genie

Save 10% on all subscription plans!

Group Coaching Genie is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create, organize, set up, and deliver your coaching programs. It simplifies and automates all of the admin and manual tasks you're currently doing, including delivering content, scheduling live coaching calls, sharing replays, sending out reminders, homework submission, and client accountability. Created by a coach with 20+ years of experience delivering coaching programs, Group Coaching Genie is the ONLY platform designed specifically for running group coaching programs.

  • READER BENEFIT: Save 10% on all Group Coaching Genie subscription plans!
  • HOW? Visit the Group Coaching Genie Website, select your plan, click on 'Get Started', and use COUPON CODE: GCG10

8) From Fran Fisher, MCC and Mentor Coach

Fran Fisher, MCC, is a pioneer of the coaching profession and specializes in training and mentoring coaches worldwide. A founding board member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the first Executive Director of the Association for Coach Training Organizations (ACTO), she is also an ICF exam assessor and was responsible for designing the original credentialing programs for coaches and coaching schools.

8a) My Portable Mentor (now available to 31 December 2025!)

Her audio series My Portable Mentor is mastery level guidance for taking your client deeper into the Transformational Zone. "My Portable Mentor" is an advanced audio learning program for the busy professional coach and includes 17 audio recordings and 15 resource documents for your personal use or use with clients.  Includes assignments, exercises, tips, guidelines, "Bumper Stickers" to help you remember, examples, inquiries and stories.

  • READER BENEFIT: Get 50% off until December 31, 2025¬†(usually $197, only $98.50 with coupon code!)
  • HOW? Visit Fran Fisher's My Portable Mentor page here and use COUPON CODE: CTC50PM

8b) Wisdom Way (available to 31 December 2025!)

Fran's new online, self-teaching program The Wisdom Way helps coaches understand what assessors are looking for in an MCC Coach. This much needed program helps coaches break down exactly what is needed to coach at the MCC level. This online course consists of PCC and MCC sheets to measure yourself against, a manual, audio recordings, live coaching demos - some with debriefs and some "scored" against PCC and MCC markers - plus much more! (Includes 14 ICF Resource Development (RD) credits).

Fran Fisher's Wisdom Way Coaching Program

  • READER BENEFIT: Get 50% off until December 31, 2025 (usually $395, only $197.50 with coupon code!)
  • HOW? Visit Fran Fisher's Wisdom Way Coaching Mastery page here and use COUPON CODE: CTC50WW

9) The Coaching Website Guide

A Simple Blueprint to Create Compelling Content, Attract Ideal Clients and Generate New Leads. Kenn Schroder, web designer for coaches and our resident website expert at the Facebook group helps you establish a credible, professional coaching website for attracting clients and growing your income.

  • READER DISCOUNT: Save 20% off "The Coaching Website Guide"¬†
  • HOW? Click here to learn more and use¬†COUPON CODE: 20guide20

10) iNLP Center - Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP) for Coaches

NLP trains you how to understand clients in a way that naturally reveals solutions to what holds them back, and gives you tools to create lasting change for your clients.

The iNLP Center's NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Training Combination course is 100% online and self-paced. However, you won't be on your own! As you work through your online coursework you'll have access to attend unlimited live, virtual training sessions where you'll interact with your trainers and fellow students. You'll also have engaging offline activities to both practice the tools you're learning with others as well as use them for your own personal development. Plus, earn up to 24 ICF CCEUs!

Visit the iNLP Center to learn what NLP can add to your coaching practice!

  • READER DISCOUNT: Get 10% off your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Training Combination Course
  • HOW? Click here, enroll and use COUPON CODE: CT10