Balance & Self-Care Toolkit
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Balance & Self-Care Toolkit Are you sitting TOO Comfortably Exercise Detox Your Toxic Relationships Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise Letting Go Exercise Self-Care Check-in and Needs Review Self-Care-Quiz_u-500 The Power of No Workbook_u_P1-500 BALANCE Self-Care Toolkit USER GUIDE Wheel of Life Template Exercise Page 1

Balance & Self-Care Toolkit

Brilliant life balance and self-care tools value pack. Help your clients explore and understand how to achieve more balance in their lives – and importantly – find calm!

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Comfort Zone Coaching Exercise
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1. Are You Sitting TOO Comfortably? Exercise

Are you clients stuck in their comfort zones? An excellent springboard for your clients to shift and take action!

  • Assess where your clients are on the 'comfort continuum'
  • Inspire clients to take action and build confidence (or make time to relax!)
  • Life begins at the end of our comfort zone...
Detox Toxic Relationships Coaching Exercise
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2. Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise!

One of our favourite exercises! The powerful tool helps clients spend more time with people who energise them - and find ways to break free from draining or toxic relationships.

  • Tune-up who your clients are spending their precious time with
  • See the real impact of different relationships on your clients
  • Action column to detox from energy vampires and identify next steps
Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise
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3. Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise

Discover what's zapping your clients energy with this easy self-care worksheet.

  • A key self-care tool
  • Help clients identify energy drains and begin to resolve them
  • Free up energy for clients to achieve their goals
Letting Go Exercise
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4. Letting Go Exercise

Help clients lighten their load and move forward by letting go of energy drains and mind-clogs.

  • Raise awareness about the impact of not letting go of issues
  • Explore concept of 'secondary gain' - what clients gain by holding on
  • Useful tool to start discussion on forgiveness
  • Uses a story to illustrate the learning
Self-Care and Needs Coaching Form
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5. Self-Care Check-in and Needs Review

Do your clients need to take better care of themselves? This coaching exercise helps create awareness of the key to them feeling better!

  • Helps clients connect to themselves and their needs
  • Assess their satisfaction over a number of key areas
  • Encourage a concrete commitment to self-care by identifying ONE action to focus on
  • Great as homework and in workshops!
Self-Care Quiz
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6. Self-Care Quiz

Do your clients really look after themselves - or do they just think they do? This handy quiz raises clients' self-awareness and provides ideas for self-care.

  • Help clients find more energy and take better care of themselves
  • Quiz format fun and easy to do
  • Inspires self-care actions
  • Excellent self-care homework
  • A great life coaching tool!
Learn to Say No Coaching Exercise Page 1
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7. The Power of "No!" Workbook

Until our clients learn to say 'No' they'll continue to be stressed and overwhelmed. Use this worksheet to engage the power of 'No' to serve their goals, values and priorities.

  • Helps clients identify when, to whom and how to say no in their lives
  • Create a 3 step action plan to say 'No' when they need to!
  • Includes appendix of helpful tips and techniques to say 'No'
  • Great for busy, overwhelmed clients

Also Included:

We have added the relevant free resources, so you have everything you need.

Balance and Self-Care Toolkit 3D User Guide Page

1. Balance & Self-Care Toolkit - USER GUIDE.pdf

Love your Balance & Self-Care Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

  • Use your Balance and Self-Care Toolkit with confidence!
  • Detailed 'how to' for each of the coaching tools, forms, exercises and worksheets in this toolkit
  • Includes a program outline you could follow
  • Shares purpose of tool, how & when to use plus great tips
  • Plus great follow-on reading and tools!
Wheel of Life Template Exercise Page 1

2. *UPDATED* Wheel of Life Template with Instructions

Don't reinvent the wheel - the wheel of life template that is! This is our most popular free coaching tool and has been downloaded over 150,000 times (and counting)!

  • Powerful visual coaching exercise so your client can see how 'balanced' their life is
  • Great to use as a regular check-in with clients
  • Includes instructions and follow-up questions to guide clients through their wheel of life...
  • Help clients find the calm they're looking for
  • Assess your clients' current levels of balance & self-care
  • What are your clients' unique self-care needs?
  • Learn to set boundaries and say 'No'
  • Great for homework, workshops and group coaching!

Get these brilliant Life Balance and Self Care Tools in a great toolkit. Your clients will soon be happier and more relaxed!

Help your clients explore and understand how to achieve more balance in their lives - and importantly - what balance and self-care looks like for them.

This Toolkit includes These Life Balance & Self-Care Coaching Tools:

  1. "Am I sitting TOO Comfortably?" (Does your client need to step it up - or relax more?)
  2. "Detox Your Toxic Relationships"  (Identify both Toxic and Supportive Relationships!)
  3. "Energy Zappers"  (What's zapping your client's energy?)
  4. "Letting Go Exercise" (Identify what your clients might need to let go of)
  5. "Self-Care Check-in and Needs Review" (Identify their self-care needs)
  6. "Self-Care Quiz" (Assess their current levels of self-care)
  7. "The Power of No Workbook" (Help your clients learn to say "No" more confidently and effectively)
  8. "The Wheel of Life" Template with instructions.
  9. PLUS Step-by-Step Toolkit User Guide - how, when and in what order to use the tools, plus tips and recommendations.

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