Wrap-up Session Questions
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Wrap-up Session Questions

Make your final session with your clients memorable with these 11 wrap-up questions. A great way to demonstrate the value of coaching and concretize your work together! (2 pages)


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  • Summarise and highlight your client's learnings from coaching
  • Identify achievements during the coaching period
  • Look deeply at how clients now see life and themselves
  • Great homework or use in session as a powerful wrap-up

This free coaching tool consists of 11 thought-provoking questions designed to help your clients get specific about what they've learned during their time coaching with you. It includesidentifying limiting beliefs they've let go of, positive new beliefs they've gained, what they doing differently as a result of the coaching, what their new priorities in life are and more!

The questions can be given as homework or run through in a final session. They can be tailored or added to to suit each individual coach and client's needs.

This free coaching questions tool has space for you or the client to write or type answers into, providing a record for you and the client to keep. (2 pages)

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