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Motivation Quiz

How motivated are your clients and prospects? Find out with this quick quiz! (2 pages)


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"The Coaching Tools was an amazing and happy discovery I had this year. The simple but very creative and efficient tools that Emma offers here gave a new perspective to me personally and even more to my work. I am very grateful for all the material she provides in her site and the articles in her blog. I know this is not a simple work to elaborate, so I congratulate her even more!"

Daniela Assunção

Hypnotherapist - Café Com Coaching

  • Gain insight into your client's current motivation levels
  • Helps you adapt your coaching accordingly
  • Offers tips to get clients more inspired and focused
  • Includes 3 great homework ideas

How motivated are your clients and prospects? This quick quiz gives you an idea of how motivated they are currently and includes a second page with their "results" and includes great tips to get your clients more inspired and focused, gives them ideas of what to ask a coach for help with - PLUS 3 great homework ideas!

There are no right and wrong answers - the answers your clients select are just an indicator, and they make a great topic for discussion and exploration, as well as giving you some idea of how motivated your client currently is.

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