Cognitive Distortions List for Coaching

Top 10 Cognitive Distortions List

What are the Top 10 ways people limit themselves and (negatively) distort their perception of the world? Find out with this great handout. (1 pages)


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  • Excellent tool to help clients embrace more positive thinking
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This free coaching tool, The Top 10 Cognitive Distortions List is an ideal reference for you in coaching sessions. Or you can give it to your clients to facilitate awareness and a change in their thinking.

A little more about Cognitive Distortions:

Often people unknowingly put a negative spin on things - ignoring the positive, dwelling on the negative or using restrictive words like should, always, never. When distorted thinking becomes habitual it gets in the way of our happiness, goals, relationships and connecting with our selves. Distorted thinking literally limits us by limiting our thinking.

So, when we recognize that our clients are using cognitive distortions, it's a great lens through which to challenge or raise the awareness of a client. And that helps them make a shift and make 'positive' changes in their lives.

Cognitive Distortions are recognized as a powerful tool in NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and by coaches, counsellors and therapists everywhere!

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