12 Courageous Ways to be Kind to Yourself (Infographic)

Kindness is such an important and underrated quality! But it's not always easy, especially finding ways to be kind to yourself...

Did you know that being kind often involves courage? It can mean standing up for yourself, taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. When we live in a society that values logic, hard work, achievement and success - it can be hard to pay attention to our intuition, feelings, to step outside of cultural norms and do what we need to do to be (kind to) ourselves. We hope this infographic gives you some ideas for ways to be kind to yourself!

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Here are 12 Courageous Ways to Be Kind to Yourself:

12 Courageous Ways to Be Kind To Yourself Infographic

Here are the 12 Courageous Ways to Be Kind to Yourself:

  1. Be BOLD - live your life your way!
  2. Remember - your flaws give you style and personality!
  3. Ask yourself daily - what do I need to thrive today?
  4. Your feelings are signals, listen to them - always!
  5. Rejection proves you're doing something courageous!
  6. Forgive yourself. Period.
  7. Stop tolerating - it's not noble to allow things to drain you
  8. Life is too short to 'should' on yourself
  9. Rushing makes everyone miserable. Do less and take your time.
  10. Gather a 'spark team' of people who think you're awesome!
  11. Stop worrying what others think. Instead ask, "What do I think?"
  12. Stand up for yourself - if not you, then who will?

And here is the tall version for people on their cell phones:

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  1. Virginia Reeves

    These are 12 super 'rules' to guide you to appreciating yourself more. Thanks.

  2. Louise

    Kindness and courage help trauma survivors cope. Thank you for the share. Hi

  3. Emma Ortiz

    Amazing, you have given me the confidence to be the best at what I love. Thank you so much for creating amazing infographics.

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi fellow Emma! Thank-you for taking the time to comment - and so glad you love the graphics 🙂 Warmly, Emma-Louise
      PS. I couldn't do it without the amazing Natasha Kong - who has been working for me for over 2 years now!

  4. vusi ndaba

    Thank you so much for this encouraging coaching.
    It build up my confidence every single day.

    Thank you

  5. Gail

    Self care is so important in so many contexts. This is a lovely tool, thank you so much!

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Gail, so glad you like this infographic tool and find it helpful. And thank-you for taking the time to comment 🙂 ! Warmly, Emma-Louise

  6. Gwenaelle Deloux

    shared on my FB page - self care is my thing ( need to do more of it myself but it all starts with it )
    thank you - today number 7 is what I will focus on - it is a great way to declutter your life!

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Gwenaelle! Lovely - yes getting rid of what you're tolerating can really help! 🙂 This is definitely a favourite infographic tool, and so glad you found it helpful. Warmly, Emma-Louise


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