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  • I look forward to each and every one of your emails. I cannot thank you enough! Diannah
  • My confidence has grown considerably thanks to the excellent coaching tools and newsletter from The Coaching Tools Company. Adrian
  • I'm a new coach and I wanted to say thank you for the Launchpad. It's been such a large part of my growth and development as a coach. Cathey
  • Thank you for putting together a truly inspiring and practically helpful newsletter every week.  I am able to use so much of the content in my coaching; as an exercise for a client, an idea for me to explore to improve the quality of my coaching, or relevant content and images for my FB group. Thank you again, I really appreciate your newsletters. Clair

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Hi! I'm Emma-Louise Elsey. Our goal at The Coaching Tools Company is to provide you with coaching tools and resources, so you don't have to struggle growing your coaching business like I did! We're passionate about coaching, and are excited to provide these free coaching resources for you and your clients.

Coaching since 2003, I'm also an NLP practitioner - and a British Computer Society certified Project Manager! The Coaching Tools Company was founded in 2009, and "Fierce Kindness" is coming soon!

I'm excited for you to join us!  Warmly, Emma-Louise

"My confidence has grown considerably thanks to the excellent coaching tools and newsletter from The Coaching Tools Company."

Adrian Murtagh, Just Smart Thinking

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