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We know how hard it can be to run your own business and get started as a coach, so here are some awesome ready to go free coaching tools, exercises, forms and templates to save you time, effort and make your life easier.

These free coaching tools are in Microsoft Word format and can be branded with your company name and details provided you follow the licensing terms.

Select a free coaching tools category below or click here for a complete list of free coaching tools.

Awesome free coaching tools and exercises for your coaching practice.
Inspirational questions for coaching sessions, social media & more!
Includes a workshop feedback form, icebreaker & more!
Includes intake session form, invoice template, welcome letter & more.
Find step-by-step user guide .pdfs for each Toolkit here. We aim to have guides for every Toolkit by the end of 2015!

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Most Popular Free Tools

Set extraordinary goals with these powerful coaching questions!

A great resource and reference for you or your clients!

Our most popular free coaching exercise - with instructions.

Help your clients with this essential coaching exercise.


Alphabetical List of all our Free Coaching Tools and Resources

Please Note: By downloading these free coaching tools, you agree to our licensing terms


This easy and incredibly adaptable coaching worksheet simply asks, "From what you have learned, what behaviours will you STOP, MINIMISE, KEEP DOING, do MORE of and Read More...

Goal Setting Tool - Understanding the Why of Your Goals!

What's the point of your goals? Because until we understand WHY we want our goals, it's difficult to go the "extra mile". Once we understand WHY we want something (and really CONNECT with that reason) we have Read More...

Coaching Questions pdf Ebook 3D Image

Save yourself time and effort on Social Media with this Powerful Coaching Questions .pdf! In this Ebook are 107 Coaching Questions, all 140 characters or less, which means they're ready-to-go as status updates on your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook!

Use these coaching questions on social media once a day and they'll last you over 3 months! Read More...

Coaching Questions Sheet Image

Have a client who needs some extra help goal-setting? Perhaps they're a bit stuck or maybe they keep setting goals and then give up or change their minds? These coaching questions Read More...


Got a client who’s stuck and not seeing any options or choices? These coaching questions are for you to ask your client (or give as homework) and help “Liberate your Clients Read More...


Step-by-step user guide on how to use each of the 8 tools plus when, what order, who to use with & more.


This BLANK Coaching Wheel is a free coaching tool ready for you or your client to completely customise! You could create a "Wheel of Happiness" - get your clients to identify what Read More...

Business Toolkit - Business Tolerations-SMALL

This tool for business coaches will help your business clients get more focused! Are they distracted, forgetful, stressed, tired? This free coaching exercise will help identify what is draining your clients and Read More...

Business Coaching Toolkit - HOW TO USEv2 Cover SMALL

This "How To" User Guide, lists all 30 Tools, Exercises and Forms in the Business Coaching Toolkit. It groups them into helpful sections and gives a rationale and suggested order, plus an overview of how to use each tool.

You could use the Business Coaching Toolkit and this User Guide as a "ready-to-go" coaching programme or dip into the tools 'a la carte' as and when you need them with each client.

Use this .pdf guide as a reference and to get ideas for your own business coaching programme or simply to decide if the Business Coaching Toolkit is for you.

PLEASE NOTE: The Business Coaching Toolkit is intended for use by Business Coaches with their business clients.


Do you ever find you start a session, look at last session's scribbled notes and think "Now WHAT were they supposed to have done?" or have a client that scribbles things down and misses Read More...


Enjoy this free coaching template - a basic and essential form with all your client’s key details; name, address, phone numbers, email/s, employer name, role, family names and key dates.

Image of Cognitive Distortions List Tool

This free coaching tool, "Cognitive Distortions List" is an ideal reference for you in coaching sessions. Or you can give it to your clients to facilitate awareness and a change in their thinking. Read More...

Effects of Stress Poster Image

A simple one-page mini-poster detailing the Biological Effects of Stress - and Warning Signs to look for.

This poster includes:

  1. Our body's Primary & Secondary Stress responses (biological effects of stress)
  2. A list of messages (warning signs) our bodies send to tell us we're stressed.

The messages or warning signs of stress are categorised into 4 areas: physical, behavioural, emotional and our thinking processes. And within this the warning signs are broken down into 1) Early Warning Signs and 2) Secondary Stress Signs.

This effects of stress mini-poster is great to use as a talking point in your practice with clients, in workshops and more!

PLEASE NOTE: This poster if for informational purposes only. It is not to be used for diagnosis or any other form of medical purpose - and has not been verified by medical personnel. You use this poster at your own risk.




Step-by-step guide on how to use each of the 8 tools plus when, what order, who to use with & more in this user guide


Ever wonder what to cover in an intake session? Or finish the intake session and think “Darn! I forgot to ask…” Well, no more. Here is a detailed, customizable free coaching template - a checklist with Read More...


What needs to go on your Invoice? This sample free coaching template is ready to go and can also be customized with your own style and pricing.


How do you show your client how far they've come? This handy check-in tool has simple client-scored questions in key coaching areas. Return to this scorecard later to identify tangible improvements through Read More...


Get opt-in sign-ups for your newsletter with this simple free seminar form. Leave this sign-up sheet on a table with your articles and promotional literature at your seminars and Read More...


What needs to go on a Receipt? This sample free coaching template is ready to go and can also be customized as required.


Arrive at all your Seminars and Workshops calm and in control! This free coaching template is a checklist to help you think about what you need before any workshop, seminar or Read More...

Free Seminar Feedback Form Thumbnail Image

Use this awesome free seminar feedback form to find out what people really liked about your workshop, what could be improved and more. Discover what works Read More...

Bonus Spring Clean Goal-Setting Worksheet Thumbnail

Awesome Spring Cleaning mini Goal-Setting Worksheet. Use it alone as a mini-coaching session and it's also a BONUS Worksheet for the Spring Cleaning Coaching Tools VALUE Pack.

Help your clients identify 3 New Habits, 3 Things to Let Go of, 3 Life "Spring Cleaning" Goals, a Benefit for each goal and 3 Actions to get moving!

Top Tip: This mini-worksheet is great to cut out and stuck on a fridge or mirror to remind your clients of their goals and help them stay on track.

The Wheel of Life Template Image

Don't reinvent the wheel (The Wheel of Life Template that is)! Did you know that this essential free coaching tool:

  • Is our most popular free coaching tool and has been downloaded by over 25,000 (and counting) people? Read More...


This fun "Icebreaker" Exercise is a high energy exercise to start off any workshop! Your seminar attendees have to find people to match the questions on their sheet and complete Read More...


This free coaching tool is great if your clients have trouble focusing! Perhaps they're so busy trying to get all the little things done that they don't get to the big stuff? Or maybe they're simply Read More...

Value Examples List

This free coaching tool helps our clients with one of the most important coaching exercises we can do - identifying values. And sometimes people just get stuck coming up with the words, so this free coaching exercise Read More...


Wondering what you need to say in your Welcome Letter? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! This sample free coaching template gives you my approach - which you can use Read More...


This free coaching tool consists of 11 thought-provoking questions designed to help your clients get specific about what they've learned during their time coaching with you. It includes Read More...