Newsletter Sign-up Form

Newsletter Sign-up Sheet

Be GDPR compliant – keep records of how you built your all-important email list with this done-for-you newsletter sign-up sheet. (1 pages)


  • Please Note: by downloading this free coaching tool you are agreeing to be bound by our licensing terms.
  • Be GDPR compliant and keep records of how people opted-in to your newsletter list!
  • Tabletop resource for your in-person events!
  • Put out at your workshops, seminars, groups, presentations and events!
  • Also useful for your table at trade shows and conferences!
  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • Brandable: Yes

In the new world of GDPR, you need to be able to prove how you got your newsletter sign-ups!

For in-person use in your Workshops, Groups and Presentations, get sign-ups for your newsletter with this simple free seminar form. Leave this sign-up sheet on a table with your articles and promotional literature at your seminars and workshops and/or hand around at the end of your presentation. Also useful at and Networking events, Trade shows and Conferences etc.

NOTE: Be sure to store this form securely once it's completed with the "personal data" of people's names and email addresses.

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