Identify Tolerations Coaching Exercise

Tolerations - Clear Your Mind

Identify what your clients are tolerating in their lives! Help them get free from mental and physical clutter so they can focus on what’s really important. (1 pages)


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  • Raise awareness so clients can clear up distractions and focus on what matters
  • Gives great examples to get the ball rolling
  • Identify ONE action to get started
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This free coaching tool is great if your clients have trouble focusing! Perhaps they're so busy trying to get all the little things done that they don't get to the big stuff? Or maybe they're simply forgetful because their brain is full of all those tolerations...

Well, we all know it's not just our homes that get cluttered - it's our minds too! Help your clients identify what they're tolerating with this coaching tool. Help your clients free up energy and mental clutter so they can get focused on what's really important!

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