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Understanding The Why of Your Goals

Until we understand WHY we want our goals, it’s difficult to go the ‘extra mile’. This goal-setting tool helps your clients fully commit to their goals. (1 pages)


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"I love the Coaching Took Company. I have been a Wellness Coach for 12 years and I am always looking for products my clients will understand. One of my favorite tools is the “Why” of our Goals worksheet."

Vikki Webster Swan

Wellness Coach

  • Get clients inspired about their goals!
  • Helps clients feel clear, motivated and focused
  • Find more energy to put into achieving goals

What's the point of your goals? Because until we understand WHY we want our goals, it's difficult to go the "extra mile". Once we understand WHY we want something (and really CONNECT with that reason) we havea lot more energy to put into achieving our goals.

In coaching we usually avoid asking, "Why?" as it can damage rapport and seem judgemental or adversarial. BUT when it comes to goals, we MUST ask "Why?" to help our clients understand what's driving them and fully commit to their goals - then they'll do whatever's necessary to achieve them.

Get this and 7 other great Goal-Setting Tools in our Goal-Setting Toolkit!

This Free Goal-Setting Tool asks the client to pick 3 goals, and then asks them, "Why do you want it?" repeating the question, "What does that give you?" to delve deeper, finally wrapping up with "What will this goal help you feel?".

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