25 Powerful Questions to Identify Strengths

25 Powerful Questions to Identify Strengths

Use and enjoy these 25+ questions to help your clients discover their strengths! Use in session, as a workshop handout or homework. (1 pages)


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  • Help clients discover what makes them unique and special!
  • Handout of 25 powerful done-for-you coaching questions
  • Use in session, as homework or a workshop handout!
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Many people find it easy to reel off their faults, but stumble when asked to identify their strengths. Yet a large part of being happy is using our strengths and talents in life. But first we need to know what they are! And it's easier than you might think to identify strengths - sometimes we just need to look a little more deeply.

Use these 25+ questions to help your clients discover their strengths and talents! Give these coaching questions as homework for your clients or use the questions in a strengths identification session.

Top Tip: When asking these questions, look at the detail. Look for things your client might normally gloss over - and drill down to SPECIFICS. If a question response is not a strength, ask your client, "What's special about that?" until you get to the strength underneath.

Some ideas for follow-up questions to this worksheet include, "Imagine if everyone in the world played to their strengths in their lives - how do you think the world might be different?", "What if you used your talents and strengths every day - how would that feel?" and, "What one action can you think of to use your strengths more in life?"

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