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Business Coaching - Business Tolerations

Your client’s energy drains impact how effective they are in their business. Identify what your clients are tolerating in their lives and help them be more focused! (1 pages)


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  • Raise awareness on what's draining your clients
  • Helps clients clear up distractions and focus on what matters
  • Identify ONE action to get started

This tool for business coaches will help your business clients get more focused! Are they distracted, forgetful, stressed, tired? This coaching exercise will help identify what is draining your clients and identify one action to get them started.

Use this coaching exercise as a tool to coach them around simplifying and clearing out the mental, physical and business-related clutter so their minds have more clarity and focus to work on their businesses.

Well, we all know it's not just our homes that get cluttered - it's our brains too! Help them clear out what's bothering and slowing them down so they can focus on what's truly important.

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