Workshop Event Seminar Feedback Form

Workshop, Event & Seminar FEEDBACK Form

What did people REALLY get out of your workshop? Find out with this ready-made seminar feedback form. PLUS get people for sample sessions and/or your email list! (2 pages)


  • Please Note: by downloading this free coaching tool you are agreeing to be bound by our licensing terms.
  • Discover what people love about your workshops, events and seminars!
  • Improve: Get feedback to create even more powerful workshops!
  • Grow your email list with permission to send them your newsletter
  • Get more clients through the sample sessions opt-in
  • Get testimonials for your website, brochures etc
  • And build your confidence too!
  • Filetype: .docx (Microsoft Word)
  • Brandable: Yes

Use this awesome free seminar feedback form to find out what people really liked about your event or workshop - and how to do better. Discover what worksfor people in your workshops and learn how to improve (which may surprise you!). Get 'opt-in' sign-ups for your newsletter and/or permission to let them know about your future events. AND get potential new clients through the sample session tickbox option!

When I was starting out, I used this free seminar form to build my entirely permission based email distribution list. I also used it to get clients through offering sample sessions. AND I learned a huge amount of valuable information about myself. This included my workshop style and what people valued about me - as well as how to run workshops that truly engage people.

So, this free seminar feedback form is a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win! It can be edited to your taste and printed out "2 per page" to save paper/resources.

Tip: Let people know you'll be asking for feedback about your workshop at the beginning. Also, allow time for your attendees to complete the feedback form without feeling rushed. I sometimes use the seminar feedback form for a doorprize draw too - as an incentive to complete the form fully.

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