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A fun random acts of kindness free coaching tool. Use for yourself or with clients for a 'pick-me-up' and reminder of the power of kindness!

This free coaching tool will help your clients create a summer to remember. Use this free coaching worksheet to make it your client's best summer ever!

Have a client who needs help goal-setting? Grab this free coaching tool with positive and inspiring goal-setting questions!

Use and enjoy these 25+ questions as a great free coaching tool to help your clients discover their strengths! Use in session, as a workshop handout or homework.

Got a client who's stuck or not seeing options and choices? Liberate them with these powerful coaching questions and free coaching form.

What behaviours do and don't serve your clients? Help your clients get unstuck and moving towards their goals with this free coaching worksheet!

Love your Balance & Self-Care Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

One of our most popular coaching exercises, this blank wheel of life is a powerful, fully customizable free coaching tool!

Your client's energy impacts how effective they are in their business. Use this free coaching template to identify your clients' energy drains and help them focus!

Love your Career Coaching Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and outline.

This SMART Action Recording Coaching Template keeps a record of the actions your clients commits to! A free coaching form for both you and your clients.

This coaching template & form gives you an offline record of your client's key contact information and details, keeping key details organized and handy.

Feel confident, organized and prepared with this coaching intake session checklist! This first session coaching template ensures you don't miss a thing.

Cultivate warm client leads! Include these beautiful complimentary session coaching templates in your welcome kit, workshops or mail-outs.

Use this free business building tool to create your own trusted referral and support team.

This simple one-page mini-poster details the biological effects of stress—and warning signs to look for. A great free coaching tool.

This is the easiest, do anytime, anywhere Gratitude Coaching Exercise! Great for workshops, in session and a quick 'pick-me-up' at any time.

Need a professional life coaching invoice template? This sample layout is a great place to start. Editable, brandable and ready for you.

Love your Life Coaching Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

How do your clients feel about themselves and their lives? Use this free coaching tool and handy check-in quiz to find out.

Be GDPR compliant - keep records of how you built your all-important email list with this done-for-you newsletter sign-up sheet.

Love your Productivity and Time Management Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and outline.

Provide clients with professional, polished receipts using this sample template.

This free coaching tool with 89 sample values helps people put their values into words—with value examples. Help your clients get clear on what matters most.

Love your Self-Discovery Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

Love your Small Business Coaching Toolkit! 'How to' user guide with tool overviews, a suggested order to use them, tips and great program outline.

Use as a mini "freshen up your life" coaching session. This is also the summary sheet to wrap up the 'Spring Clean Your Life' Toolkit!

Love your "Spring Clean Your Life" Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and outline

This exercise for groups is a high energy icebreaker to start off any workshop or event!

Use this free coaching exercise & worksheet to help clients identify and release mental and physical clutter so they can focus on what's really important.

Use this great handout and free coaching tool with your clients to see the Top 10 ways people limit themselves and (negatively) distort their perception of the world.

Understanding our why is what helps us go the 'extra mile'. This free goal-setting tool and coaching exercise will help your clients commit more deeply to their goals.

Love your Goal-Setting Toolkit! Step-by-step 'how to' user guide with detailed tool descriptions and program outline.

Wondering what you need to say in your Welcome Letter? Try this customisable welcome letter sample template.

Don't reinvent the wheel—use this wheel of life template instead! Our most popular free coaching tool has been downloaded over 350,000 times (and counting)!

A simple, SMART and extremely practical coaching form to record actions for your workshop and seminar attendees!

Arrive at all your Events, Seminars and Workshops calm and in control! Remember everything you need with this fully customisable checklist.

What did people REALLY get out of your workshop? Find out with this ready-made seminar feedback form. PLUS get people for sample sessions and/or your email list!

Make your final session with your clients memorable with these 11 wrap-up questions. A great way to demonstrate the value of coaching and concretize your work together!