Here's a list of Coaching Events, Conferences and Summits for 2019 so far - in ascending date order, plus other great coaching-related events at the end of the main list!

Have a coaching event, conference or summit you'd like to see added to the list? Or a big event of interest to coaches? Contact us (We're looking for larger annual events that are likely to have 100 or more people attending)

2019 Coaching Events

Coaching Events - February 2019

3rd Annual Conference on Integrative Practice

  • Date: February 9 2019
  • Theme/Description: Aspects of Integration: Exploring Emerging Theories and Practice - The focus is relevant to practitioners working within a business coaching context who are interested in broadening their offer and increasing therapeutic awareness, and to professionals working in wider fields of behavioural, mental and emotional health.
  • Who is it for? Coaches and Therapist Professionals.
  • Where: London, U.K.
  • Organizer: Association of Integrative Coach Therapist Professionals
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The 2019 Art of Coaching Conference

  • Date: February 20 - 22 2019
  • Theme/Description: This coaching conference will explore topics - from coaching individuals to coaching teams; from building resilience in ourselves and others to creating more equitable systems.
  • Who is it for? Coaches and Educators.
  • Where: Monterey Bay, USA
  • Organizer: Bright Morning Consulting
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Coaching at Work Masterclass: The Art of Team Coaching

  • Date: February 27 2019
  • Theme/Description: This interactive and experimental coaching masterclass offers a unique opportunity to reflect on what team coaching really is and the principles and competencies needed to provide a framework for embodying the role of Team Coach.
  • Who is it for? This workshop is ideal for coaches who are looking to offer team coaching as a core service.
  • Where: London, UK
  • Organizer: Coaching at Work
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ICF Toronto Conference 2019 - ELEVATE

  • Date: February 28 2019
  • Theme/ Description: ELEVATE 2019 will provide plenty of networking opportunities with coaching community colleagues, friends and speakers as well as exhibitors. The keynote speaker Richard Boyatzis will lead the audience through examples of what effective coaching feels like, as well as understanding the neural processes that foster or inhibit it. The day will also feature Pam McLean, Ph.D. Pam will share Reflective Practices to Strengthen Self Awareness and develop Self-as-Coach Capacity. In addition, you will earn Continuing Coach Education Units for when you renew your ICF credentials.
  • Who is it for? Coaches.
  • Where: Toronto, Canada
  • Organizer: ICF Toronto
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Coaching Events - March 2019

Coaching at Work Masterclass: The Neuroscience of Coaching Confidence

  • Date: March 7 2019
  • Theme/Description: This coaching workshop will allow you to increase your trust in your own ability to build confidence in your own life and to help others to do the same.
  • Who is it for? The workshop is designed for coaches who are seeking tools to help individuals to improve their confidence.
  • Where: London, UK
  • Organizer: Coaching at Work
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16th Annual Executive Coaching Conference

  • Date: March 26 - 27 2019
  • Theme/Description: "Internalizing and Scaling a Coaching Mindset for Organizational Impact" will focus on coaching leaders to internalize a coaching mindset; building a coaching function that has a line of site to embedding a coaching mindset into the culture and business strategy of the organization; and looking at a variety of coaching delivery methods that meet the needs of today’s external and internal demands.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, and business people interested in how coaching can be applied in business.
  • Where: New York, USA
  • Organizer: The Conference Board
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Agape International Coaching Conference 2019

  • Date: March 27 2019
  • Theme/Description: Good leaders manage teams. Great leaders change lives. Agape International Coaching Conferences aims to raise awareness on the art, science and practice of professional coaching, contribute to the growth and visibility of professional coaching in Romania and help advance the coaching profession for the benefit of business and society in the region.
  • Who is it for? Coaches
  • Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Organizer: Agape International Coaching Conferences
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Coaching Events - April 2019

The 5th International World Game Conference

  • Date: April 12 - 20 2019
  • Theme/Description: "Step into 21st Century Coaching". The World Game’s mission is to unite Coaches World Wide in a common vision of an effective 21 Century leadership and coaching development which will match the challenges of the emergent reality; we must make our planet sustainable for all of us.
  • Who is it for? Coaches
  • Where: Antalya, Turkey
  • Organizer: Erikson Coaching International
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The 25th International Annual Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

  • Date: April 24 - 26 2019
  • Theme/Description: The theme for the 2019 coaching conference will be: Reflect, Learn, Transform.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, Mentors, and businesses.
  • Where: Dublin, Ireland
  • Organizer: European Mentoring & Coaching Council
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Coaching Events - May 2019

International Gay Coaching Conference 2019

  • Date: May 2 - 5 2019
  • Theme/Description: It’s a special year for the Gay Coaches Conference. In the spirit of inclusion, the 2019 Gay Coaches Conference theme is “Everyone’s A Coach: Bringing More Coaching To All Professions.
  • Who is it for? Gay men who are coaches or have a strong interest in becoming coaches. Also invited are gay men who do similar heart-centered work – psychotherapists, counselors, social workers, educators, clergy, consultants, non-profit organization leaders, sacred intimates etc. who wish to bring coaching skills into their practices. You need not be a GCA member to attend.
  • Where: Greenwich, USA
  • Organizer: The Gay Coaches Alliance
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NLP International Conference

  • Date: May 17 - 19 2019
  • Theme/Description: This coaching conference brings together some of the foremost NLP trainers in the world to share recent innovations and developments in the field.
  • Who is it for? Coaches and others who use NLP or are interested in learning about how to apply NLP in their coaching.
  • Where: London, UK
  • Organizer: The Association for NLP
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ATD (Association for Talent Development) International Conference and Exposition

  • Date: May 19 - 22 2019
  • Theme/Description: The ATD 2019 International Conference & Exposition will provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and solutions you need to effectively attract, develop, and retain top talent. You’ll gain insights into the latest trends, best practices, and new solutions for designing, delivering, implementing, and measuring learning programs.
  • Who is it for? Game changers and individuals who are shaping the industry; the legends, those who defined best practices; and the practitioners, you - the lifeblood of this profession.
  • Where: Washington, D.C., USA
  • Organizer: ATD (Association for Talent Development)
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Conversation Among Masters (CAM) 2019

  • Date: May 19 - 22 2019
  • Theme/Description: CAM is an event open only to Master Coaches and high achievers. Attendance is by request or invite only (click here for criteria). It's a coaching event where Master Coaches get the time and space to truly connect and make deeper connections. Create exciting opportunities, fruitful collaborations and conversations that continue into the future! Expand and enhance your abilities, business, relationships, and skills that are required to be recognized as a Master Coach. Learning that stimulates the mind, moves the heart, and inspires the soul. Learn from fellow masters. Share your knowledge and wisdom. Learn together how you can serve your clients, build your business, and be recognized as a Master.
  • Who is it for? Master Coaches and remarkable high achievers
  • Where: Baltimore, USA
  • Organizer: Conversation Among Masters
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WBECS 2019 - FREE Online Pre-Summit (World Business Executive Coaching Summit)

  • Date: May 28 - June 19 2019
  • Theme/Description:
    • BACKGROUND: With more than 46,000 attendees WBECS is the world’s biggest online digital learning coaching event for business and executive coaches. Each year WBECS teams up with the world’s leading experts in the coaching profession to create an interactive, digital learning experience covering a variety of innovative and dynamic coaching disciplines to immerse yourself in.
    • PRE-SUMMIT: Each year, WBECS also offers a free Pre-Summit. This allows coaches to experience the WBECS speakers and decide whether to join the Full-Summit. The Pre-Summit will feature 50 of the top thought leaders in the coaching industry.
    • SPEAKERS: Include Simon Sinek, Dan Goleman, Ken Blanshard, Eric Kaufman, Marshall Goldsmith & many more!
  • Who is it for? All Professional Coaches and especially Business, Leadership and Executive Coaches.
  • Where: Online
  • Organizer: WBECS (World Business & Executive Coach Summit)
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Coaching Events - June 2019

14th Annual EXCO Executive Coaching Conference 2019

  • Date: June 2 - 4 2019
  • Theme/Description: EXCO 2019 will be a two-day ‘train-the-trainer’, enabling delegates to learn and master delivery of ‘Why It Matters’, a powerful executive education offering with a long pedigree.
  • Who is it for? Top coaches, leaders, and their coaches.
  • Where: Cincinnati, USA
  • Organizer: Sherpa Executive Coaching
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Clifton Strengths Summit 2019

  • Date: June 3 - 5 2019
  • Theme/Description: Empower People. Disrupt The Workplace. Change The World. Leaders from around the world share their experiences and strategies for empowering people and making the most of Clifton Strengths. Select from over 50 diverse breakout sessions presented by some of the most experienced strengths professionals across the globe.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, Managers and Leaders
  • Where: Omaha, USA
  • Organizer: Gallup Inc.
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Masterclass: Setting up and Managing Your Coaching Business

  • Date: June 5 2019
  • Theme/Description: In this highly interactive coaching masterclass you will coach and be coached to set up and manage your coaching business.
  • Who is it for? Coaches.
  • Where: Henley-on-Thames, UK
  • Organizer: Henley Business School, University of Reading.
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2019 International Coaching Congress

  • Date: June 11 - 16 2019
  • Theme/Description: Internationally renowned trainers and coaches, innovative coaching techniques, new trends from all over the world, amazing lectures, business networking with coaches from afar, forums and much more. All of this gathered in one place, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
  • Who is it for? Coaches
  • Where: Gävle, Sweden
  • Organizer: International Coaching Community
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The ACTO Annual Conference 2019

  • Date: June 12 - 14 2019
  • Theme/Description: The Human Tapestry: Challenge. Illuminate. Celebrate. The coaching conference this year will be focused on diversity, culture, inclusion and belonging, and conversations that will support members in looking at themselves, their training and their work with students and clients.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, leaders, trainers
  • Where: Victoria, Canada
  • Organizer: Association of Coach Training Organizations
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2nd Annual Family Life Coaching Association Conference

  • Date: June 13 - 14 2019
  • Theme/Description: Taking Care of Business: The Profession of Family Life Coaching
  • Who is it for? Coaches
  • Where: Raleigh, USA
  • Organizer: Family Life Coaching Association
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6th World Congress on Positive Psychology

  • Date: June 18 - 21 2019
  • Theme/Description: The theme of the Congress is “Nexus”- meaning connection. The congress will build connections, collaborations and pathways that can help us work together to enhance human flourishing.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, Practitioners, Scholars, and Students.
  • Where: Melbourne, Australia
  • Organizer: The International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)
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Coaching Events - July 2019

Coaching at Work Annual Conference 2019

  • Date: July 3 2019
  • Theme/Description: Excellence in Organisational Coaching and Mentoring: Empowering, engaging and inspiring people at work.
  • Who is it for? Internal Coaches and Mentors
  • Where: London, UK
  • Organizer: Coaching at Work
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3rd Annual Instructional Coaching Conference

  • Date: July 22 - 24 2019
  • Theme/Description: The Imagine Tour - Join a band of Rockstar educators for Keynotes by thought leaders and over 40 learning opportunities centered around the four components of our Balanced Coaching Framework: 1. Coaching Expertise 2. Content Knowledge and Pedagogy 3. Leadership and Facilitative Skill 4. Interpersonal Skill.
  • Who is it for? Coaches and Educators.
  • Where: Austin, USA
  • Organizer: Region 13 Instructional Coaching Group
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Coaching Events - September 2019


  • Date: September 13 2019
  • Theme/Description:The conference will focus on social identities – our sense of who we each are based on the groups in which we place ourselves. We’ll explore how neuroscience and narratives may be critical to the formation of old and new habits of thinking, being, and doing – as coaches and/or clients, and as members of society-at-large.
  • Who is it for? Coaches.
  • Where: Rockville, USA
  • Organizer: ICF Metro DC
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A Conscious Coach Conference

  • Date: September 28 - October 1 2019
  • Theme/Description: A Conscious Coach Conference will bring together people in the coaching field, connecting them through their work of changing lives for the better, uniting life/ game-changers. The conference will inspire, educate and support these amazing people so that together we can create a bigger impact in the world around us.
  • Who is it for? Coaches.
  • Where: San Diego, USA
  • Organizer: A Conscious Coach
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Coaching Events - October 2019

The Henley Centre for Coaching and Behavioural Change's 15th Annual Coaching Conference

  • Date: October 18 2019
  • Theme/Description: Achieving Mental Toughness: Well-being, Resilience and Team Coaching
  • Who is it for? Coaches.
  • Where: Henley-on-Thames, UK
  • Organizer: Henley Business School, University of Reading.
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ICF Converge 2019

  • Date: October 23 - 26 2019
  • Theme/Description: Held every other year, ICF Converge is a dynamic global coaching event designed to strengthen connections within the coaching community and offer cutting-edge learning opportunities. As an ICF Converge participant you won't just learn, you'll do. Take concrete, specific steps to strengthen your coaching skills, build your business, and engage in crucial conversations impacting the global coaching community.
  • Who is it for? Coaches
  • Where: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Organizer: The International Coach Federation (ICF)
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ICPPC 2019: International Conference on Positive Psychology and Coaching

  • Date: October 24 - 25 2019
  • Theme/Description: Aiming to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Positive Psychology and Coaching. Providing a premier interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Positive Psychology and Coaching.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, researchers, practitioners and educators.
  • Where: Bali, Indonesia
  • Organizer: WASET, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
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2nd Positive Psychology in Practice Conference

  • Date: October 24 - 25 2019
  • Theme/Description: The Positive Psychology in Practice Conference will focus on cutting-edge science and the practical application of Positive Psychology interventions in organisations and clinical settings. Leading experts will provide an up-to-date overview of the science of wellbeing and critically examine the emergence and development of this new field. They will explore the keys to a happy and meaningful way of life by addressing gaps, biases and exciting new ways to bring this topic forward.
  • Who is it for? Coaches & Entrepreneurs, Organisational & Business Leaders, Psychologists, Clinicians, Wellbeing Practitioners, Mental Health Professionals, Researchers, Students
  • Where: Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Organizer: Forums and Events
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Other Interesting Coaching Events & Related

The Art of Leadership for Women

  • Date: April 5 2019
  • Theme/Description: Bringing together today's brightest women leaders to shape the future we all want to see. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn improved ways of harnessing their individual strengths, elevating their skills, and leveraging their value in order to advance more rapidly into significant leadership roles.
  • Who is it for? Women who are or want to be leaders
  • Where: Vancouver, Canada
  • Organizer: The Art of Productions Inc
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Positive Business Conference

  • Date: May 9 - 10 2019
  • Theme/Description: At the Positive Business Conference, you’ll engage with thought leaders and the latest research on positive business approaches that yield extraordinary results. You’ll network with like-minded individuals from diverse industries and participate in practical hands-on workshops.
  • Who is it for? Business Professionals
  • Where: Ann Arbor, USA
  • Organizer: University of Michigan Ross School of Business
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Happiness & Its Causes 2019

  • Date: June 24 - 25 2019
  • Theme/Description: Tools and Techniques For a Happier Life: Connecting with like-minded delegates and speakers. Explore the big questions in life and uncover what will bring lasting, genuine happiness for you, those you love and those in your care. It is equally relevant to individuals and professionals.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, Mental Health and Business Professionals, Educators
  • Where: Sydney, Australia
  • Organizer: Happiness and Its Causes
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44th Annual National Wellness Conference 2019

  • Date: September 30 - Oct 2 2019
  • Theme/Description: The Key to Thriving: Six Dimensions of Wellness. Join other well-minded professionals at this one-of-a-kind conference to experience how the Six Dimensions of Wellness (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Occupational) can be a key to thriving. You will gain new skills, tools, and relationships to grow not only your professional wellness promotion competencies but also to enhance your personal wellness.
  • Who is it for? Wellness professionals from a myriad of settings eg. worksites, community and public health organizations, healthcare facilities, educational programs, faith communities.
  • Where: Kissimmee, USA
  • Organizer: National Wellness Institute
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11th Annual Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare (CLH) Conference 2019

  • Date: October 18 – 19 2019
  • Theme/Description: This energizing and ground-breaking event features keynotes by world-renowned experts in leadership, coaching, positive psychology, behavioral psychology, health and well-being, and neuroscience.
  • Who is it for? Leaders, physicians, healthcare providers, executive coaches, life coaches and health and wellness coaches.
  • Where: Boston, USA
  • Organizer: Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, and Harvard Medical School
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Noble Manhattan - Alpha Conference

  • Date: October 21 – 22 2019
  • Theme/Description: Building Your Personal Business.
  • Who is it for? Coaches, Business Consultants, Entrepreneurs
  • Where: Antalya, Turkey
  • Organizer: Noble Manhattan
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