7 Coaching Tools You Can Use for Awesome Workshops

In Part 2 of this article, I share 5 specific coaching exercises I've used regularly in workshop situations—and why.

I've tried to pick the most universal coaching exercises. And, as mentioned in Part 1 of this article (which explains why to use coaching tools in workshops), remember to get people into smaller groups to work through exercise sections or brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other.

7 Specific Coaching Tools & Exercises for Awesome Workshops

1 and 2) "Energy Zappers" and "Tolerations (Free Tool)"

People are stressed, tired and overwhelmed.

So, help your workshop attendees identify where their energy is being zapped or where they are being drained by things they are tolerating. After they identify their "Energy Zappers" or "Tolerations" it's good to help people see which ones they can make a difference on right away. And MAKE SURE they leave the workshop with an action to boost their energy!

Workshop Applications: Life-Balance, Health and Wellness, Self-Care, Moms and Parent Coaching (more energy helps us have more patience and time for our children), De-Stressing especially in the Business, Executive or Career Coaching worlds.

3) "Urgent/Important Matrix"

People are busy - and there is just more and more to fit into each day.

Facebook, Twitter, the latest gripping TV shows and the internet has provided us with countless ways to spend time - jumping from one thing to the next.  People often don't have an awareness around how they are spending - and wasting - their time. The Urgent-Important Matrix is a classic tool that quickly brings people to an awareness of the difference between important, urgent and how we get caught up doing urgent things (or time wasters) and don't make time for the important things - and then the important things become urgent - an endless, tiring cycle.

Workshop Applications: Time Management (of course) and Life Balance (they may need to get more organized). Great for Business, Career and Executive Coaches although executives may already be aware of this tool - in which case the "Action-Priority Matrix" is a good progression! ALSO, can be a great concept for Mom and Parent Coaching - helping people organize their time better and turn time "wasting" into constructive self-care time...

4) Guided Meditation/Creative Visualizations

Well, we know people are busy and stressed.

And we also know that people are not making the time to ponder, sit still and reflect. Most people, once they're doing it, find meditation relaxing and calming. And then there are some people who love the idea, but can't bring themselves to sit still - or find it hard to prioritise amongst their many other tasks and activities. Bringing meditation or creative visualisation into a seminar can be a great way to help people (re)experience the benefits for themselves.

Workshop Applications: Life-Balance, Self-Care and Health and Wellness Seminars. Use to brainstorm ideas, help people connect to themselves or meet their 'wise' selves for inspiration, support and encouragement, help people get into their bodies and get distance from  their inner critics, understand the benefits of pondering and reflection time. Also use simple, short guided meditation in the business world to help workshop attendees calm down and get creative. You may also like our Guided Meditation Kit to Find Calm which includes Guided Meditation Scripts, Accompanying Audio Files and a User Guide.

5) The Wheel of Life (Free Tool)

Boring? I don't think so - The Wheel of Life has SO many different applications and even if people have done it before, the scores are always different depending on their life-situations and how they're feeling.

Workshop Applications: No matter what realm of coaching you're in, or what subject you're covering, if you're EVER stuck for an exercise, get a blank wheel of life and adapt it to your attendees' situations. You may find this article 12 Awesome New Ways To Use The Wheel of Life in Your Coaching Practice helpful to get you started with just a few ideas of how the wheel can be adapted! To learn everything you need to know about this powerful coaching tool read: The Complete Guide to The Wheel of Life

6) and 7) "Mentor Magic" and "Role Model Review".

People are often busy admiring others without realizing that we can't recognize a quality in someone else unless we have that capability ourselves...

"Mentor Magic" identifies mentors to give people career-building advice and "Role Model Review" inspires people to model and take action to integrate the qualities they admire in others.

Workshop Applications: Careers Workshops, Youth Coaching, Confidence Workshops or any workshop where people feel stuck and you'd like another angle to find solutions (what would someone they admire do in a situation). I have used this with great success in both Confidence Building Workshops, and Stress Management workshops with Teens.

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