Create a "Spring Clean Your Life!" Coaching Program, Webinar Series or Workshop with our Seasonal Toolkit

In 2020 we re-launched our Seasonal "Spring Clean Your Life" Coaching Toolkit - ONLY available until the end of May! Check out this fabulous set of tools specially selected to help your clients de-clutter and freshen up their lives.

Spring is the perfect time to review progress with clients, refocus and get a fresh outlook. If your clients have set annual goals, perhaps they're flagging or need inspiration. And if they haven't set annual goals, spring is a great time for both new and existing clients to set those goals, and review and reflect on what they could change or freshen up in their lives.

With many COVID pandemic restrictions lifting, it could be a good time to offer this program to help people get excited about life again. Simply tweak the marketing copy below!

Now with User Guide

This Seasonal "Spring Clean Your Life" Toolkit contains 9 Tools PLUS a *Brand new* User Guide which shares how to use each tool, a suggested order to use the tools in, tips and more!

Refresh your clients' lives by reviewing how balanced their life is, what's bothering them, what's zapping their energy and what - and who - they need to let go of. Help them stop procrastinating and get something done, then help them create a vision for the next 3 months with some new daily habits to support them. Finally set 3 goals and actions that move them towards their vision. Awesome!

Use This Toolkit to Get New Clients!

These coaching tools and exercises are great to create a "Spring Clean Your Life" Marketing Campaign, Webinar Series or Coaching Program to get new clients - or excite your existing ones!

We've even written some marketing copy below that we want you to *steal!* and use to market yourself, your coaching workshop or program!

Use the copy below to create a workshop poster or coaching program to get new clients. There are 9 tools in all - it could be a ready-made 9 week coaching program - or series of webinars!

Each bullet point clearly relates to each one of the coaching tools and exercises in this toolkit. The words in italics are notes to help you - simply remove these comments before using in your promotions.

See the (Seasonal) Spring Clean Your Life Toolkit here >>


Marketing Copy and Tips for a "Spring Clean Your Life" Coaching Program:

Do You Need to "Spring Clean" Your Life?

  1. What areas of your life need a "Spring Clean"? Use our fabulous Wheel of Life tool to see where you're doing well, and what areas need a boost!
    COACHES NOTE: This tool is a great way to begin, and identify the key life areas your client will need to focus on "Spring Cleaning"!
  2. Take Stock and Take Action! Take stock of what's bothering you, those nagging 'shoulds' and frustrations - and see what you REALLY want to be doing both personally and professionally.
    COACHES NOTE: This is a great overview tool to explore your clients' specific frustrations, shoulds and what they REALLY need from life right now...
  3. Energy Zappers: What's Zapping Your Energy? Identify what's draining you - and holding you back!
    COACHES NOTE: A life "Spring Clean" includes finding more energy to move forwards with. So, identify what zaps your clients' energy! This may include relationships - which flows neatly into the Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise. Tip: You can also use the Stop Procrastinating - Get it Done! exercise (next) to take action on those energy-zapping items your clients may be procrastinating over.
  4. Stop Procrastinating - Get it Done! Have any tasks hanging around that you need to clear out of the way? We have an exercise to help you find motivation or just take the edge off those unpleasant tasks we all have to do. Stop procrastinating - get it done - and feel fantastic!
    COACHES NOTE: Nothing says "Spring Clean" quite like completing things that have been hanging over us! Tip: Action something from the Energy Zappers Exercise - and free up some fresh energy for your client.
  5. Detox Your Toxic Relationships! Boost the relationships that support and energize you - and reduce time spent on toxic relationships that drain you!
    COACHES NOTE: This exercise doesn't just identify toxic relationships, it also highlights our supportive and positive relationships. For a life "Spring Clean", look for action steps here to both reduce time spent with people who drain us, and increase time spent with people who energize us!
  6. Your 3 Month Vision. As you wrap up your life "Spring Clean" what will you want to work towards? We'll work together to create your vision for the next 3 months!
    COACHES NOTE: This is a great place to look for goals to move forwards with.
  7. Let Go of What's Draining You! Identify and Explore what's holding you back and why. De-clutter your life and free up energy to use for you - and your goals!
    COACHES NOTE: A great way to "Spring Clean" life is to let go of what no longer serves you - whether it's memories, people, 'stuff', feelings, beliefs, behaviours or something else...
  8. Identify Daily Success Habits. Identify fresh new daily success habits to support you in your goals and your life going forwards!
    COACHES NOTE: What's missing from your client's life at the moment? Where do they need a boost? What would make their life cleaner and simpler? Use these and similar questions to identify daily habits that will "Spring Clean" your clients lifestyle.
  9. Spring Clean Your Life - Summary and Goals Sheet (Seasonal) Free Tool. In this final step, we'll identify your "Life Spring Clean" Goals! This fun form pulls together everything you've worked on and set 3 goals and actions for you to move forwards with!

Come and work with me - and have a comprehensive clear out and "Spring Clean" of your life, then set goals to make the most of the year ahead!

I'm excited to work with you. Contact me, YOUR NAME at YOUR PHONE-NUMBER and/or YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. I'm waiting to hear from YOU!

Click to see the Spring Clean Your Life Toolkit

See the Spring Clean Your Life! Toolkit here >>

(Only available to the end of May)

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Emma-Louise Elsey has been coaching since 2003 and is the Founder of The Coaching Tools Company and Fierce She's passionate about coaching and personal development. Originally a project and relationship manager for Fortune 500 companies she combined her love of coaching, creativity and systems to create over 100 brandable coaching tools, forms and exercises including 30+ completely free coaching tools. She now serves coaches and the coaching world through her exclusive newsletter for coaches, Coaches Helping Coaches Facebook Group and many other great tools, resources and ideas for your coaching toolbox. The Coaching Tools Company is an official ICF Business Solutions Partner.

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  1. Linda Henderson

    Hi from Saudi Arabia
    I love your tools and use them a lot
    I am wondering if this toolpack contains the same tools I already have
    I have purchased all the toolkits so far

    • Emma-Louise

      Thanks for your email Linda! And your kind words. So, this toolpack is made up of existing tools, so if you bought everything you already have all the tools - except for the bonus goal-setting worksheet. Hopefully you liked the article and as you have all the tools, you could use the "Spring Clean" program/workshop series idea right away! I will send you the bonus worksheet so you have EVERYthing you need!

      And for people who may have bought some Toolpacks (but not all like Linda): There are 4 tools that overlap with the Life Coaching Toolpack, two from the Balance and Self-Care Toolpack and one (3 Month Vision) from the Goal-Setting Toolpack. We also added a mini goal-setting worksheet, and that is unique to this toolpack.

      Warmly, EL

  2. Lorene

    Thanks for that question Linda and your quick response Emma. I have purchased several of your tools and was wondering the same thing.

  3. Silky Arora


    This is Silky from Australia. I am certified trainer and Chartered Marketer with 13 years of working experience as Marketing specialist/ Manager with Multi national companies in international market. Currently, I am a marketing trainer at one of the leading college and deliver Diploma in Marketing.

    I am passionate speaker and love to connect with people on business issues or life /personal development areas. This has provoked my interest to explore more about coaching and finally, yes I have made the decision to conduct workshops on self awareness programs that I have designed. And also coach/mentor individuals/ business in areas of business and personal development.

    I had been researching lot on google in last few weeks and bumped onto your lovely informative web site.

    Do you have some tools/package tools to enable me to empower my clients with efficient techniques in order to get effective actions out of them. As you rightly mentioned, coaching is more to do with action and changes then conversation or simply inspirational talk.

    I am interested in personal development for individuals , executives and Business coaching .

    I am quite confused with your package tools as they all appear nice to me but unsure which one is relevant to my expertise.

    I look forward for your quick reply.


  4. Mary Susan

    What do you have that would be applicable to help a croup of folks determine their
    Vision & goals for the next 10-15 years?
    I am a practicing Coach & Leader of a group of about 70 folks

  5. Susi Chung

    My whole business is centered online. Are you saying that if I purchase your Spring Cleaning I won't be able to use it for marketing for new clients?

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Susi,

      Thank-you for your question. Our terms and conditions are found here:

      You can brand and use the tools with your clients - one-on-one, in workshops, group coaching a client coaching programme and teleseminars. You can email the tools to specific clients or a group of clients. And you can mention the tools of course in your marketing - just that the tools themselves can't be available online.

      So what you can't do is give away our tools on your website (otherwise with the internet people could get them free from you and don't need to pay for them!). People ask if they can give away a tool as a newsletter sign-up gift, or to promote their business online - so that's when the answer is no. Also, you can't resell our tools (in whole or in part), which means you can't turn them into a product which you then sell.

      I hope that answers your questions Susi.

      Warmly, Emma-Louise

  6. Malcolm Kirkland

    Hi Emma-Louise,

    I love your toolkits and use them regularly. I am interested in the Spring Cleaning Kit but because I have purchased all of the kits I am wondering if I might have the individual pieces in several kits. Can you confirm if I need to purchase anything to complete the Spring Cleaning Kit?

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Malcolm,

      First, thank-you for your question. So, if you have all the Toolkits, then you will already have everything in the Spring Cleaning Toolkit.

      I have sent you an email separately detailing which tools are found in which toolkits.

      Hope that helps. Warmly, Emma-Louise

  7. jannette

    i just bought the spring clean your life toolkit, but am wondering if there is a users guide for it as there are for some of the other 'seminar' materials. This would be very helpful if there was. Thanks

  8. Nique

    Good Afternoon,

    If my memory serves me correctly I stumbled upon a post that you had written that had a plethora of great information in it. It was on the lengthier side but very resourceful I believe it was titled something along the lines of creating your own coaching program or everything you need to do so? I can't seem to relocate it. I am hoping you can point me in the right direction. I hope that what I have written "rings a bell."



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