Action Priority Matrix Coaching Worksheet Page 1
Action Priority Matrix Coaching Worksheet Page 1 Action Priority Matrix Coaching Worksheet Page 2

Action Priority Matrix Tool

Give your clients a productivity boost with this powerful time management exercise. (2 pages)


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  • Help your clients achieve more with less effort
  • Identify Quick Wins, Time Wasters and more to transform productivity
  • Great for Business, Career, Executive & Leadership Coaches

Do your clients need help getting stuff done and prioritising their tasks? If so, the Action Priority Matrix is the time management tool for them! The Action Priority Matrix Template transforms your client's time management by helping them identify Quick Wins, Time Wasters and more to boost their productivity and focus! (2 pages)

Are your clients are slogging away but not getting anywhere, perhaps they're spending time on the wrong activities? This time management exercise helps your clients increase productivity because it focuses them on what adds the most value.

Help your clients identify Quick Wins (high impact but low effort tasks) and Time Wasters (high effort, low impact tasks) and prioritise their time accordingly.

Page one of the Action Priority Matrix introduces the concept of analyzing your tasks according to how much effort and impact they have. Page two is a template for your clients to fill out for themselves. It also asks them to identify 3 key learnings and actions to move forwards with.

Who is the Action Priority Matrix For?

This time management tool is especially helpful for executive, career and business coaches. But it is also helpful for anyone coaching clients who work hard but never seem to get anywhere - and to help creative people get things done!

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