10 Easy Tips: How to Read Guided Meditations Beautifully!

Whether in your one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching or a workshop, webinar or teleseminar, reading a guided meditation is a great, personal way to relax, center and ground your clients.

And to help you read guided meditations beautifully and for the best results, read the 10 tips below!

TIP 1: Before you start reading the meditation:

Let your client know that it's normal if their mind wanders during the meditation! Ask them to simply notice their mind has wandered without judging or criticising themselves. Then they should just bring their attention back to the visualization. This may need to be done repeatedly - and it gets easier with practice!

If it helps, you could use this sample text:

"Remember that if your mind wanders, that's normal! Just notice that your mind has wandered and - without judging or criticising yourself - simply bring your attention back to the visualization. You may have to do this over and over - and know that it gets easier with practice."

Here are 9 More Helpful Tips for Reading Guided Meditations:

  1.  Breathe slowly and deeply, into your stomach.
  2.  It can be helpful to let your client or group hear your long breaths to model relaxation (and because they will naturally slow their breathing in response). So, share your deep breaths with your client - but don't overdo it!
  3.  Imagine you're speaking from deep and low in your chest.
  4.  Soften, and consider deepening or lowering your voice below its normal range.
  5.  Your energetic state will "come through" when you are reading, so be sure to take a few moments before reading the meditations to ensure you are in a calm space.
  6.  Read slower than you think you need to. Take your time. Each comma and period or full-stop, is an opportunity for you to take a small pause.
  7.  Take pleasure in - and enjoy - reading the meditations!
  8.  I recommend you allow a couple of minutes before reading the meditation to quieten and slow down your client's experience eg. speak more slowly and calmly as you move into reading the meditation to them.
  9.  Finally, afterwards, allow time for your client to gently return to the present/your coaching session.

Bonus Tip:

  1. You may also wish to de-brief your clients experience. This is a great way to solidify their experience and learning, and help them connect with the benefits of meditation. You could ask a question like, "What do you notice in your body right now?" or "How do you feel now, after that experience? What is different?".


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