The Best of 2017: Most Popular Articles, 10 Most Downloaded Free Resources & Top Products!

We reviewed our articles and blog posts for the year, looking at comments and shares social media likes and clickthroughs from various sources! It's not an exact science, but we did our best! Infographics continue to be popular as you'll see 🙂

2017 was a busy year - here are just a few highlights!

Here are the Top 10 Articles/Graphics from 2017! Enjoy:

  1. Love this: Inside a Coach's Heart (GRAPHIC) (almost 1000 social shares with lots of comments, emails and much more!)
    NOTE: If you liked "Inside a Coach's Heart" - watch for a brandable product version YOU can use, coming next week!
  2. GET FOCUSED! Great Tips & Questions (INFOGRAPHIC) (The next largest number of social shares - 591!)
  3. 5 Myths About Coaching - and What's More True! | By David Frank Gomes (577 shares and inspiring!)
  4. 10 Smart and Unusual Goal-Setting Tips to Get Things Done! (INFOGRAPHIC) (329 shares - a fun graphic!)
  5. How to Run an Awesome Workshop Using the Wheel of Life (in Under an Hour)! (128 shares and tons of comments and thank-yous both on social media and on the website!)
  6. 12 Inspiring Signs You're Working With a Coach! (INFOGRAPHIC) (302 shares, and lots of emails from you! We really enjoyed creating this graphic!)
  7. How to Have More Coaching Breakthroughs | by Dr Marcia Reynolds, MCC (lots of shares from one of my favourite coaches!)
  8. News: The Coaching Tools Company included in Top 50 Coaching Blogs and Websites for Professional Coaches! (so many kind comments from everyone - and 127 shares)
  9. How to Decide What to Charge for Your Coaching Program - 5 Steps PLUS Specific Examples to Help! (lots of comments on social media, on the website - plus a lot of personal emails from you!)
  10. 10 of My All-Time Best Coaching Questions & Why! (it was fun to create this practical blog post!)

The 10 Most Popular Free Tool Downloads of 2017:

This is more of an exact science! Here are our top free resources downloaded in 2017:

  1. Wheel of Life Template with Instructions (downloaded 29,944 times)Free Coaching Tools, Free Coaching Exercises, Forms, Templates and Worksheets
  2. *UPDATED* 21 Questions to Extraordinary Goal-Setting (18,889 times)
  3. Intake Session TEMPLATE Checklist (16,208 times)
  4. *UPDATED* 37 Coaching Questions to Liberate Your Clients! (14,624 times)
  5. Client Info Sheet TEMPLATE (12,781 times)
  6. Action Brainstorming Worksheet (12,119 times)
  7. BLANK Coaching Wheel (11,068 times)
  8. *UPDATED* Sample Values List (10,969 times)
  9. Understanding The Why of Your Goals (9,564 times)
  10. Wrap-up Session Questions (8,773 times)

Our Top 10 Free Resources generated 144,939 downloads! The total number of free resource downloads was 255,192 - over a quarter or a million!

 And our Most Popular 5 Products in 2017:

  And finally, here are our biggest sellers from last year:

  1. Career & Life Coaching Resources MEGAPack! - All our life and career coaching tools in one place
  2. Welcome Pack Toolkit - Get started with a new client!
  3. Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program - a 3 month life coaching program including guides & marketing materials
  4. Small Business Coaching Toolkit - 30 great coaching tools organized into helpful areas with guide
  5. Extraordinary Goal-Setting Toolkit - 9 awesome goal-setting tools and exercises (currently on special plus a bonus tool!)

Followed by our Coaching Agreement Sample Template, Career Coaching Toolkit, Balance & Self-Care Toolkit and our Q2 Social Media Graphics in a Box to round out our Top 10!


I hope you enjoyed these highlights and summary! For our latest articles visit the Coaching Blog or go here to Sign-up for our newsletter!


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