Love this: Inside a Coach's Heart (GRAPHIC)

We were wondering how we could celebrate YOU. How could we show our love for coaching and all the great work coaches do? The answer is below - a beautiful graphic for coaches showing what's inside the heart of a coach. Feel proud of yourself and the work you do! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! We hope you LOVE this graphic as much as we do. Grab it below & share!

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Here is your graphic, "Inside a Coach's Heart":

Thanks to Noah Rubenstein, Founder & CEO of, who inspired us with a similar graphic created for therapists.

Cilck to see product!


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  1. lekea Itero

    Thank you for the insights within the graphics. I read the words first from the perspective of a life coach, then from the perspective of what it would be like if I was being coached. "I help you try new things, take risks, get out of your comfort zone and soar" resonated with me most I feel if I can practice the art of courageously trying new things, taking risks and getting out of my own comfort zone, I can add more value to my client's experience. Thank you once more.

    • Emma-Louise

      That's wonderful to hear! I love to explore new things - it's so exciting (and scary sometimes 🙂 ). Warmly, Emma-Louise

  2. cindy

    Hi Emma-Louise,
    Thank you for all your wonderful creations. I am just starting out as a health coach. Can you recommend some of your wonderful creations that I would be able to use with my clients.

    Healthy regards,


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