NEWS: The Coaching Tools Company included in Top 50 Coaching Blogs & Websites for Professional Coaches!

The Coaching Tools Company Blog was recently included in a list of the Top 50 Coaching Blogs And Websites For Professional Coaches - in fact our website and blog was in the Top 10!

It has been a lot of hard work and dedication to get here - did you know we've published a regular newsletter and fresh articles for over 7 years, and now have over 300 articles about coaching?

A large part of our success is our wonderful team of guest authors (click on the links to see all the articles they've written for us!) - including Transformational Journaling Expert Lynda Monk, Team & Group Coaching Expert and Author Jennifer Britton, Coaching, Product & Toys Expert Marcy Nelson-Garrison, Visibility Coach Ruby McGuire, past president of the ICF and MCC Coach Steve Mitten, coach and internet entrepreneur Stephan Wiedner of Noomii, Coaching  Mentor and MCC Coach Ben Dooley, Reciprocal and Peer Coaching expert and coaching researcher Dr Kerryn Griffiths and new authors like Leadership Coach Delaney Tosh and coming soon Dr Marcia Reynolds MCC and Fran Fisher MCC.

And of course Emma-Louise Elsey, The Coaching Tools Company founder is still a regular writer. In addition to editing and writing her own articles for The Coaching Tools Company blog, she is also a regular writer for the (ICF) International Coach Federation Blog, and recently had a feature article, "Creative Coaching: Tools, Tips and Techniques"  in choice, the Magazine for Professional Coaches.

Heading fast towards 30,000 readers, from 175 different countries - we are extremely proud to have been acknowledged, and plan to continue to serve coaches in growing themselves, their clients and their businesses.


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  1. Mindy

    I'm loving your website, products and services Emma-Louise. I'm just starting my coaching business and it is wonderful to be able to 'not have to rebuild the wheel'. Thanks so much!

    Smiles, Mindy


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