NEWS: The ICF have Launched a Brand New "Life Vision and Enhancement" Group for Life Coaches!

One of the ongoing criticisms levelled at the ICF has been their lack of focus on life coaching and support for life coaches. Well, for all those coaches out there who have been waiting for the ICF to do more for life coaches - it's started!

Launching along with the other "Communities of Practice" next year, the ICF is creating a community of practice with a brand new focus area of "Life Vision and Enhancement"!

The "Communities of Practice" will replace the former "Special Interest Groups" or SIGs. These communities are something the ICF is keen on growing, so watch this space!

And more news... Emma-Louise Elsey of The Coaching Tools has been asked to co-lead the Life Vision and Enhancement Group, along with Micki Berg of Positive Outcomes Coaching, who brings a wealth of experience.

Woman-excited-LaptopIt's early days, so please have patience with us while we get warmed up! There are plans to have 4 live group sessions - one a quarter - starting in March. Of these 4 sessions, 2 sessions will have guest speakers, and there will be 2 facilitated open discussion forums. All sessions will be recorded.

NOTE: There is no requirement to be an ICF member to participate in either the community or Facebook Group. The plan is that the Facebook Group will remain open to all coaches, irrespective of whether they are an ICF member or not. However, please note that in the future, some community content may be limited to ICF members only.


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