Get Focused! 10 Tips, Plus Questions INFOGRAPHIC

It's that time of year when we "knuckle down" and get focused on our goals and plans for the rest of the year - so I hope you, your clients fans and followers find these focusing tips helpful!

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Where Could You Get More Focused in Your Life?

This GET FOCUSED Infographic gives 10 tips, then asks people questions to help identify ways they could remove distractions and get more focused in life. It wraps-up by choosing 3 actions to get more focused! Use this graphic with your clients in a workshop or coaching session, as a journaling exercise - or as individual journaling prompts!

Get Focused Infographic

How to Share this GET FOCUSED Infographic on your social media:

  • EASY: Ask fans & followers, "Which of the 10 "Get Focused" tips most inspires YOU?"
  • MEDIUM: Share the graphic, and expand on your favourite tip saying how YOU would help a client in this area!
  • CHALLENGE: Taking each tip in turn, write a few sentences developing each area and share daily for 10 days to inspire your fans and followers to hire you!

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