17 Powerful Ways to Use Guided Meditation in Your Coaching Practice


Guided Meditation is a Powerful Tool for Your Coaching Toolkit!

What is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is simply a form of meditation. As the name suggests, with guided meditation someone simply guides the listener into a meditative state using calming language and often, visualizations. Guided meditations are therefore also sometimes called Creative or Guided Visualizations. The guided meditation can be "live" ie. read by you or it can be a recorded audio track which you play and listen to.

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Why Use Guided Meditation?

We all know that meditation helps us become more mindful, self-aware and to de-stress and relax. Meditation is a fabulous tool for spiritual growth. So why don't we meditate more? Well, sometimes it's just too hard to sit there, not really knowing what we're doing, feeling like a failure as our minds continue to whirr around us!

BUT Guided Meditation is easy! Someone, with a calm voice, leads us through the steps to a more peaceful mind, helps us connect to ourselves, relax into our bodies and de-stress. Awesome! Less stress, pressure and instant results (really!).

Guided Meditation is how I got started meditating - it's easy, enjoyable and fast - and proved the benefits of meditating much more than trying to go it alone. Now I meditate every day - just sitting - and I still love a good guided meditation too.

Our clients are often busy, overwhelmed and/or stressed. So Guided Meditation can be a great way to calm our clients down quickly - to center and ground themselves so they are in the best space for a fruitful coaching session.

And there are many, many ways to use guided meditations - both with our clients and ourselves. Below I share just a few ideas for you to bring the power of Guided Meditation into your coaching practice.

17 Ways You can Use Guided Meditation in your Coaching Practice:

A Guided Meditation is a wonderful way to:

  1. Introduce the concept of meditation to your clientsand allow them to experience the power of meditation without feeling pressured or intimidated - whether one-on-one, in workshops, teleseminars, group coaching etc.

Read a Guided Meditation in your One-on-One Coaching Sessions:

Our clients are often busy, overwhelmed and/or stressed. Guided meditation can be a great way to calm our clients down quickly - to center and ground themselves so they are in the best space for a fruitful coaching session.

  1. As a ritual or just to get clients in a grounded state at the beginning of every coaching session.
  2. When you notice your client is stressed, rushing and disconnected.
  3. To interrupt unhelpful thought patterns when your client is speaking from a place of fear or from the voice of their critic.
  4. To ground your client before tackling a challenging subject.
  5. Between topics - for a break and to refresh your clients.
  6. After an intense exploration, to re-center your client, before moving onto a new area.

In Your Group Coaching, Workshops, Webinars & Teleseminars:

  1. To begin a workshop and get people relaxed and connected to themselves (especially good for workshops which need high levels of self-awareness).
  2. To calm and ground your attendees after an energetic or challenging activity.
  3. As a key part of a de-stress, life-balance or similarly-themed workshop.

Share a Guided Meditation Audio File with your Clients (for them to use in their own time): [1]

  1. To help them relax, calm and center themselves - whenever they need it!
  2. As a relaxing "homework".
  3. For a specific purpose that comes up during coaching eg. to calm themselves before they give a speech, over lunch in the midst of a busy day or before an important meeting.
  4. As part of your client's daily routine eg. for a calm start or end to their work day or before going to sleep.

And Finally, Listen to a Guided Meditation for you:

  1. To quickly relax and calm yourself - any time.
  2. Before you begin a coaching session - to center yourself.
  3. To de-stress and ground yourself before giving a speech, leading a workshop, group etc.

Bonus Tip

  1. People LOVE the experience of being guided through a meditation - especially how they feel afterwards. And they'll remember you for giving them that experience. So why not incorporate it as a regular part of your coaching practice - and distinguish yourself and the services you offer as a coach?


So, not only can you read a guided meditation script for a very personal experience for your clients and groups, but you can also share audio tracks with your clients or use them if you don't feel like reading one!

Guided meditation is a powerful tool you can add to your coaching toolkit! And it's much easier than you think!

Where there is a process (eg. counting our breathing) or a visualization (eg. imagining being at the ocean) be sure to let your clients know once they've heard the guided meditation, they can use the visualization /concept for themselves - which gives them a new grounding and stress management tool they can use anytime, anywhere.

5 Minute Guided Meditation Script in this KIT to Find Calm

Calming Guided Meditation Scripts

[1] If you share/give an audio file to your clients, be sure you have permission to do so.

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