Relax Your Clients in Under 5 Minutes with these Guided Meditation Scripts

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2, 3 and 5 Minute Guided Meditation Scripts to Use With Your Clients!

What a great way to begin a coaching session, workshop, teleseminar or webinar! Meditation calms our mind, relaxes our body and soothes our spirit. Having a few short guided meditation scripts up our sleeve can be really helpful for us coaches - whether it's to calm down a harried client, start off a webinar or just help clients connect with themselves and slow down.

Here are 3 Short Guided Meditation Scripts to Use with your Clients for Relaxation and Calm:

Tip: Make sure to speak slowly and softly. I actually have a different 'voice' I use when I help my clients with guided meditations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anything in square brackets [...] is NOT to be said out loud, they are a note for you to do something eg. [pause].

1. Two Minute Guided Meditation Script to Help Your Clients FIND CALM

  • I invite you to take a deep breath and when you're comfortable, begin to close your eyes [pause].
  • I wonder if you would take a moment to imagine yourself being more calm, peaceful and focused [pause].
  • And as you allow your unconscious mind to naturally conjure an image of what that would feel like; consider what you might be seeing [longer pause], hearing [longer pause] and what you might be feeling [longer pause] that shows you are more calm, peaceful and focused [pause].
  • And perhaps you are already feeling more calm, peaceful and focused [pause].
  • If not, notice that your unconscious mind can reveal how you might do this [longer pause].
  • Now, maybe you can think of a simple way to incorporate this feeling of calm into your life in the days and weeks ahead [longer pause].
  • And after you have done that, know that it really can be this easy to create a little more peace and calm in your life [pause].
  • So, I invite you now to take a breath for a moment, and begin to move your attention back to the room, listening to the sounds around you and begin to open your eyes [pause].
  • So, how was that? What did you learn?

This 2 minute guided meditation script uses Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP techniques to allow the client to imagine for themselves what calm will look like - and how to bring this into their lives.

2. Three Minute Guided Meditation Script using BREATHING

  • I'd like you to pause , take a deep breath and place your feet flat on the floor. Really FEEL your feet in contact with the ground underneath you.
  • Now place your hands on your stomach and take 2-3 deep breaths, noticing your stomach rising and falling with each in and out breath.
  • And when you feel comfortable, close your eyes.
  • Now, as you keep breathing deeply into your stomach, I'd like you to breathe in for a count of 5, then hold your breath for a count of 5, and breathe out slowly for a count of 5. And keep breathing, in for 5, hold for 5, out for 5.[Pause for about 1 minute]
  • [Softly] Great. I'd like you to now slowly bring your attention back to the room, noticing the sounds around you and begin to open your eyes [pause].
  • So, how are you feeling?

This simple 3 minute guided meditation script helps revitalise AND relax the client. The deep breathing helps to oxygenate their blood while the simple focus on the breath calms them and brings them into the present moment.

3. Five Minute Guided Meditation Script for RELAXATION and Body Tension Release

  • I'd like you to get comfortable in your chair and relax. Take a deep breath and place your feet flat on the floor, really FEELING your feet in contact with the ground underneath you. And just take a few more deep breaths like this for a moment [pause].
  • So, I'd like you to start by focusing on your toes. Scrunch them up, and then release. [pause] Now relax your ankles [pause], calf muscles [pause], knees [pause] and thigh muscles [pause]. Remember, let any thoughts you may have float up and away from you in an air bubble. [pause]. Now relax your buttocks [pause], pelvic area [pause] and begin to notice any tension you may have in your back. Breathe deeply in, and as you breathe out, slowly relax and release any tension you may have in your back. [pause] Now your shoulders. Lift them up and then release completely. Wonderful. [pause] Now it's time to relax your neck and jaw muscles. Take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out let go of any tension you're holding in your neck and jaw [pause]. Finally, the top of your head [pause]. I'd like you to hunch your shoulders up one last time and as you release your shoulders, any remaining tension can sink down and flow out of you [pause].
  • Wonderful. Take a few more deep breaths and enjoy this feeling of relaxation and calm for a little while longer. [longer pause about 1 minute]
  • [Softly] Hmmmmm. I'd like you to now slowly bring your attention back to the room. Begin noticing the sounds around you and when you're ready, open your eyes [pause].
  • So, how are you feeling?

This 5 minute guided meditation script is also known as a "body scan" where you focus on and purposefully relax your entire body - one area at a time. Take PLENTY of time in each body area, allowing your client/s to relax and de-stress as much as possible.

Love these scripts? check out our Guided Meditation Scripts Toolkit!

5 Minute Guided Meditation Scripts Wrap-up

Guided meditation is a great way to both help our clients relax and connect with themselves AND to get them curious about meditation as a practice. Enjoy these 2,3 and 5 minute guided meditation scripts - and feel free to play with them and add your own personal touches!

BONUS TIP: Once you've taken your clients through the process, both 2) The Breathing Meditation and 3) The Body Tension/Relaxation guided meditation scripts can be given to the clients to use by themselves when they're tense or stressed. Or they can simply remember and use the concept/process you've shared.

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