4 Ways To Be Mindful and De-Stress (Taking Care of Coach and Client) by Jenn Danielson


The world of coaching is an incredible place. It's a space that offers everyone the opportunity to grow, and it's no wonder so many are drawn to service through coaching. But are you creating the best you – the one who can best help your clients?

Because you're not only a coach. You're probably also a part-time marketer, a part-time writer, a part-time salesperson, a part-time accountant and a part-time social media guru.

All those 'part-times' add up fast and can quickly be more than full-time. It can stretch us a bit thin. So, in your world of coaching and running a coaching business, are you connected to your own balance?

I believe that balance is a flowing, ever changing moment in time. With all the changes, challenges and opportunities coming at us daily, it's incredibly difficult to hold a perfect state of balance.

So what do you do? How do you manage the stresses of all that you do as a coach – in coaching and in business – and adjust your balance to stay at your best for your clients?

The answer is to be mindful, to be aware.

Practising mindful habits – even in the briefest of moments1 can have a lasting impact on stress2 and it can be incredibly simple.

Here's how simple it can be. STEP 1) Stop what you're doing. STEP 2) Take a slow, controlled breath in, and focus on one thing for a few seconds. Yes, a few seconds is all it takes! STEP 3) To wrap-up, take another slow, controlled breath and return your focus to what you were doing before.

Here are 4 Ways for You (and your Clients) to Become More Mindful with Ease

Stop for a moment and focus on the following:

1) Something you hold in your hand.

Look at what you're already holding, or pick something up.
Things to be aware of include: How heavy is it? What does it feel like (hard, soft, textured, warm, cool)?2) Something you see.

Trace the shape with your eyes.

Things to be aware of include: What colour is it? How does light and shadow affect it? How large or small? What else do you notice?

3) What you can hear.

Start by closing your eyes.

Things to be aware of include:  What background noise/s do you hear? How many overlapping sounds are there? What are the relative volumes of the sounds? What would silence sound like?

4) Your body:


Things to be aware of include: What does a movement – small or large – feel like? Where do you feel tension? What is your gut telling you? What does it feel like to relax your shoulders? How do your clothes feel on your skin? Can you feel your feet on the floor?

And that's it, you're done! You were just mindful - and it's powerful stuff.

If we want to help our clients make shifts in their balance and presence, it's essential that we enhance our own presence and awareness of what is going on - both around and within us.

Not only does practicing mindfulness support stress reduction, improved focus and cognitive flexibility, it supports empathy, compassion and overall better quality of life3. Through mindful work, you can be your best. And when you're at your best, you can show up for your clients, be fully present and coach at your best.

And, that's what we all got into this for.


1 Just 6 Seconds of Mindfulness Can Make Your More Effective, Chade-Meng Tan, The Harvard Business Review, Dec 2015
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JDanielson-headshotContributing author: Jenn Danielson brings science and spreadsheets together with incense and energy for holistic growth! With a background in science, standards and project management along with solution-focussed coaching, Reiki and mindful practice, I support forward-thinking folks to define plans and find epiphanies while effectively and mindfully managing change. It's about connecting the dots and walking the balance of career, health, life, family & fun. Visit Jenn's website and learn more here.

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