Get Potential Clients to Choose YOU: Use this Simple Hidden Treasure Concept!

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Many of us (by us I mean coaches and people who want to help others and make a difference) think sales is complicated, hard, a chore or worse - something somehow beneath us that we shouldn't have to do.

Selling coaching IS challenging. First, people must WANT coaching (something they don't necessarily understand!) AND they must want to coach with US (someone they don't know!) Phew! No wonder it can be hard to get clients.

And all around us I see how big (and small) companies manipulate people into buying. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a part of that. But if we don't learn how to sell - we won't get clients, and we can't help anyone!

So I'm going to share a simple, but extremely powerful and coachlike sales concept to help clients get excited about working with you. And that's to help your clients find the "Hidden Treasure" in their goals. And that hidden treasure in sales conversations is not just the question "Why do you want your goal?" but specifically, "Why Now?".

Let me tell you a story.

I had an enquiry from someone who wanted to find work she loved. She was extremely motivated, but after 18 months on her own was no closer to her goal. She wanted a coach to help her find the "perfect" career. Gulp!

So, I set about finding the "Hidden Treasure", the "Why NOW?".

She started by saying, "Well, isn't it obvious?" So I replied (in a much gentler way) that if it was obvious, she should have no trouble answering. And so it was that she told me about her boss who took her for granted. I heard that she really enjoyed some aspects of her job, but was bored. I heard that she loved working with people, but in particular felt drawn to work with children - which she wasn't doing in that moment.

But what lay underneath THAT? She wanted to work with people who appreciated her, wanted more responsibility and she wanted a connection to children. We were super clear on what she really wanted, but what was the "Hidden Treasure"? The Why NOW?

Well, I delved a bit deeper and so she told me about her recent 40-something birthday. She was feeling 'old', her children were preparing to leave home and she was feeling empty. She had been doing the same job for the last 15 years and was bored.

This was good. Closer. But still not the "Hidden Treasure".

Further questioning led us to her upcoming 25th High School Reunion. Many of her classmates had gone on to become lawyers, accountants and successful business people and while she didn't want one of those jobs, she DID want to feel good about her life when she met all her past classmates again.

So, it was the High School Reunion that was the "Why Now?" - the catalyst for seeking out a coach now.

I replayed it all back to her: "I'd love to work with you to create more excitement and challenge in your work, help you feel more appreciated and also look at how to bring working with children into your life. And we can also make sure you feel good at that High School Reunion. So, the question is, would you like to work with me?".

Well, she said it sounded fantastic - and signed up with me there and then.

Now, many coaches out there would just have talked about her goal of "finding work she loved". But by digging we got to the WHY - what she really wanted AND the very powerful motivator of Why NOW? And when we do this it not only demonstrates the power of coaching - but helps you show what you can do and make that sale!

The "Hidden Treasure" is more than just the "Why" of our goals.
When it comes to a sales conversation it's also the "Why NOW?".

It's not always that easy. Sometimes people will be extremely unconscious about the reasons behind their goals, and some may not trust you enough (yet!) to share, but if you can begin to bring Why NOW? into your sales conversations, I guarantee your conversion rate of prospects into clients WILL increase.

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  1. Kenn (web designer for coaches)

    Nice "replay" back based on her words. SUper example of getting to their deep desires.

    When I work with clients on their websites, I have them list out the 20 pains and 20 desires of their ideal client(s), and often a core few things surface - just another way to find "hidden treasure".

    • Emma-Louise

      Thanks Kenn. Getting 20 pains and desires is a good technique - if they only got to 5-10 your clients would learn a lot. Warmly, Emma-Louise.


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