Goals Motivator - Find Your Hidden Treasure

Goals Motivator - Find Your Hidden Treasure

Uncover the hidden rocket fuel that will motivate your clients to do what it takes to achieve their goals! (1 pages)


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  • Uncover what drives your client for a particular goal
  • Help clients connect with and find more energy for their goals
  • Great to use with potential clients

Until we understand WHY we want our goals, it's difficult for us to go the "extra mile". AND when we also understand why we want our goals NOW (what I call the "Hidden Treasure"), it helps us get really focused and find more energy to put into our goals.

Why we want our goals is totally unique to us. For some a payrise means self-esteem and validation, for others it may be security, a holiday, a mortgage on that home we've been lusting after or to buy that engagement ring and get married.

TOP TIP: This tool is great to use with potential clients - to demonstrate the power of coaching and help them make the decision to sign-up with you! You may also find this article helpful: Get Potential Clients to Choose YOU with this Hidden Treasure Concept!

This Coaching Tool asks the client to take one goal, and looks at why they want it, why now, and how it will help them feel. Then to wrap-up, it asks your clients to reflect on what they will do differently re: their goal after completing this tool.

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