Spread the Kindness: Will you Pledge to 3 Kind Acts for Random Acts of Kindness Week? | By Steffi Black

Kindness Week is International:

International Week of Kindness is coming up soon - and takes place from February 12-18, 2017 all over the world. Started by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, it has grown from humble beginnings to encouraging world-wide acts of kindness.

I want to encourage and invite all of you caring and committed coaches to a 3 Acts of Kindness Pledge during this week.

Kindness is a great way to boost your productivity and positivity

As coaches, we work with clients to empower them to live their best lives - and kindness is one of the traits of living a good life. In fact, according to Shawn Achor, Harvard professor, psychologist and happiness expert, a random act of kindness can contribute to feelings of happiness. In his own words: "It doesn't matter if your act of kindness is buying a coffee for the person after you in line, volunteering, or sending a positive email." Achor encourages people to "when they open up their inbox, to write one positive email, praising or thanking someone in their social support network."

I invite you to commit to 3 Acts of Kindness Pledge during this week

Knowing this, I invite all coaches/psychologists/facilitators to commit to 3 random acts of kindness during this international week. Focus on this important character trait and watch your own mood lighten too!

3 Easy Ways to Be More Kind during Random Acts of Kindness Week

Here are some ideas for you to participate:

  1. Write a note to a supplier telling them how amazing it has been doing business with them and how grateful you are for their ongoing support.
  2. Call an elderly friend or neighbour who hasn't been able to go out in winter, or drop off some cookies.
  3. Email a colleague reminding them how awesome they are.

Spread the Kindness

To create a ripple effect of kindness you can also encourage others and support them on social media by simply sharing your kind act - and doing the following:

  • Share a pic of your kind act
  • Share a quote or video about kindness
  • Support a kind act that you see on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn by liking, sharing or commenting

Then simply add hashtag #spreadthekindness #RAKweek and we'll cause a ripple effect of caring actions across the communities. If you include @steffiblack I'll make sure to try and support your generous acts of spirit.

A Testimonial To Kindness - and Why it's Needed Now More than Ever!

One of the businesses that has been involved in supporting random acts of kindness for years has this to say about the impact of kinder behavior towards others:

"Globally, we're experiencing a time of incredible turmoil and fear. The energy this is putting out into the world is not positive. The thing about energy is that we can't create or destroy it. We can only change it from one form to another. If that's the case, it's incumbent on every conscious being to do our utmost to transform some of the negative energies in our world into more positive forces. Kindness can help us do that. I don't mean easy acts of kindness either--although those are essential too. I mean finding kindness in our hearts for people we don't agree with. Extending kindness to people who are in fear and who may not be able to hear a voice of reason. Opening our hearts at a time when the inclination to close is so strong. This is quite literally the most profound practice we can pursue today. It's the pathway to being the change we want to see." Aviva Rabinovici, Co-Creator, Conscious & Carefree

Grab some more kind act ideas here (or add a link to these tips for others). Learn more about coaching - and kindness - at Steffi Black Coaching. Learn more about Random Acts of Kindness here.

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Steffi Black, life and career coach, specializes in helping women in transition and young people standing at a crossroads navigate a clearer path, which includes a core value and life/career momentum plan. She is also the Founder of #spreadthekindness a program for schools and keynote/workshops for businesses that helps to bring in a more caring and connected culture. Learn more about coaching - and kindness - at Steffi Black Coaching

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