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Steffi and I connected over our shared passion for spreading kindness! We have shared two of Steffi's articles with tips to help us all be more kind.

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About Steffi

  • Lives in: Toronto, Canada
  • Business Name: Steffi Black Coaching & Training
  • Type of Coach: Life, Career Coach & Kindness Advocate

Author Bio

I'm not a coach and cultural strategist just because it sounds nifty. By guiding companies and people to share their authentic stories, from there we develop the framework for creative, connected environments. If we get it right, the result is engaged employees, transparent knowledge sharing, creative leadership, and a playful approach to working together.

I care a lot about healthy workplaces. My kindness and culture workshops show your teams how caring and connected workplaces support employee creativity and productivity (and therefore improve the bottom line, if you trust the research).

I spend the remainder of my professional time as a kindness advocate. I explain to companies why kindness redounds to the bottom line. Because it's true, of course, though at a push I may admit to an ulterior motive: be the change you want to see.

Healthy people underpin healthy workplaces, and my life and career coaching fit into my wider culture of work helping people and companies be kinder and better to themselves and others.

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