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February - the month of love, and kindness! Do you, like me, believe that kindness is a hugely under-rated form of human expression? Here's what I believe:

Kindness is a universal form of love, because no matter how unpleasant someone might be or how little we know them, we can always be kind. Emma-Louise Elsey

For Random Acts of Kindness Week in 2019

We created a fun game sheet to join in and spread kindness! And this year it's brandable and in Microsoft Word so you can edit it to suit you!
Get Your Kindness Bingo Funsheet here >>

Here's how to play Kindness Bingo:

  1. Print this page out. You can also print out a few copies and give to friends/co-workers!
  2. Complete a line vertically, horizontally or diagonally - you choose.
  3. FINISHED? Great job! You have just made the world a better place!

Things are more fun when we do them together! Why not join us, and spread the kindness?

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One Comment

  1. Abena

    Thanks for the inspiration. I took the idea and used it with a group of teens for Valentine's Day. They brainstormed acts of kindness they could easily carry out and then filled out a blank grid with acts of their choosing. When we next meet, we'll see if they were able to achieve a row, a column, or the whole table!
    You always have great ideas. Thanks again.


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