Identify Spark Team Coaching Exercise

Identify Your Spark Team!

Discover the ‘Spark Team’ that has your client’s back! Inspire clients to invest in supportive, energizing relationships. (1 pages)


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  • Fun coaching exercise to create a 'Spark Team' for your clients
  • Identify people who inspire, support and encourage your clients
  • Highlights the power of positive relationships
  • Great energy boost!

Who's on your team? The people around us have a huge impact on how we feel - about ourselves and life. This fun coaching exercise asks your clients to cultivate their own "Spark Team" and take action to create it!

Positive relationships are hugely underrated as inspiration, anti-stressors and energy boosters. How can we love our life, succeed in our careers and be happy if we don't have anyone successful, fun or inspirational to hang around with?

There are usually just 20 people that we spend most of our time with. It's also often said over the course our lives spend the vast majority of our time with just 5 people.

Successful people know to surround themselves with successful people. Use this fun exercise to create a "Spark Team" of people who leave your client feeling great about themselves, who inspire, support, energise or encourage your client to be different and stretch themselves.

Tool origins: This tool, to identify a team of people who inspire, support and encourage you, was adapted from an exercise in a workshop called, "Boost Your Energy From Within!".


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