Set 3 Month Vision Coaching Worksheet

3 Month Vision Worksheet

What do your clients want from life over the next 3 months? A fantastic starting point to identify meaningful short-term goals. (1 pages)


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  • Help your client create and shape a vision for the next 3 months
  • Use to drive out and set goals
  • Visualize what clients want to achieve in key areas of their lives
  • Excellent homework, workshop and in-session tool

This simple goal-setting tool helps your clients identify balanced and meaningful short-term goals by considering how they want their lives to be in 3 months time across different life-areas.

Once your client has completed this coaching exercise, it'll be easy to drive out and set goals for the next 3 months using the notes they've made.

This coaching exercise is also great completed after the "Rocking Chair Life Vision" (whole life vision) and "Get Perspective" (10 year vision) coaching exercises to help clients shape 3 month goals that will also fit into the bigger picture they have for their lives.

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